Significant number of doctors at the workplace absence: The strict health ministry is headed by the Health Ministry


Md.Kobir: Many government officials do not attend the workplace – the charge is not new. Its authenticity has varied over time. The picture of the Enforcement team of the Enforcement team has been revived in different hospitals and health centers of eight districts of Dhaka, Rangpur, Rajshahi, Dinajpur, Tangail, Mymensingh, Kushtia and Pabna. During the campaign, the team found 40 percent of the doctors missing in the workplace. Not only the districts mentioned; A large number of doctors will see the absence of a large number of doctors at the workplace in the country. The absence of work or absence of doctors in villagemofussels, in many cases, is associated with private practice. In many countries of the world, doctors working in public hospitals have restrictions on private practice. In Bangladesh, there is no direct directive in this regard, but no doctor can be out of the work place during office hours, according to government jobs. Doctor can take private practice after office hours. But the relevant rules are not properly followed here. It is seen that many doctors are practicing at their own Chamber or private health center at the office, not being present at the work place in hopes of more money. But at the end of the month enjoying government salaries and benefits only. It is also unacceptable in terms of job rules and ethics. It is important to resist this tendency in a strict hand.It is not said that the medical system of government hospitals has almost collapsed due to the autocratic and irresponsible behavior of one-class doctor. There is no less writing in the newspapers. Even the Prime Minister expressed anger at several times about the absence of government doctors on the workplace. He said doctors who are recruited outside Dhaka will have to stay there. Doctors often argue that they get less pay and allowances compared to doctors working in private hospitals. It is a little bit true, so they can not be absent on holidays, they are illegal.No one expects anyone from a great profession such as medical care would be so irresponsible. If they wish, you can leave private and practice private practice. They have them right. But the government service will be absent from the workplace, it can not be. In the past, some doctors took illegal privileges in the party’s allegiance. No action was taken against them. It will not be desirable that it will be repeated even during the new government’s come to power by pledging to reach healthcare in the doorstep of the people. Regarding legal action against those doctors who are absent in the work place without government service, the Ministry will have to pay more attention to improving health care.


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