The world’s richest man stands in line for a burger


International: Bill Gates One of the richest in the world. Not only that, the world’s most powerful person. Yet there is no boast in him. He resembles four or five ordinary people. Likes the rules.One photo of Bill Gates became viral through social networking. Which inspires others too. While standing on the line, the image of Bill Gates left on Facebook on Tuesday, former Microsoft employee Mike Gallows.Galois said that he did not move the image. He received it from a former Microsoft employee on Sunday.
In the film it can be seen that, wearing a bill Gates, the common red sweater In the pants pocket, the hand stood in line for burgers. A young man standing in front of him. Looks like Bill Gates looks hungry. Still, he did not try to break the line and try to move forward.According to Daily Mailonline news, Bill Gates stood in line for a burger in Seattle town in Washington on Sunday. The name of the local shop is “Dice Drive”. She was waiting patiently in front of the shop. Bill Gates, who stood in line to eat burgers, cost $ 768 68 dollars Daily Mail reported further, Bill Gates likes to eat fast food. Often he buys it from the shop and earns it. For this, he is often seen in the Burgerboy Burgermaster in Washington.


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