The trip to the Afghan war with the trump has been sparked by the sword


 International: US President Donald Trump rejected Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Afghanistan for a partial standoff over the four-week-long central government.The move has been taken by mentioning the need to remain in the country’s dominant democracy leader in the midst of the crisis.
The deadline for the construction of the wall at the border with Mexico, which began in late December, has already crossed record 27 days.
On Thursday, Chapey Nancy and the delegation were scheduled to go to Brussels and Afghanistan in the US military aircrafts.Trump has canceled the visit of Palmer to the position of the speaker at the start of this month by stopping the flight, reports Reuters.Nancy urged Trump to suspend State of the Union speech on Wednesday after the political stalemate.
In the joint session of the Congress at the beginning of the year, there is a rule to give a speech to the President of the Union.Trump has promised to build a wall on the border with Mexico since the start of election campaign to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the United States.
The government refused to accept the cost of building the wall, but the Republican president withdrew from the statement afterwards.
Trump could not benefit from the $ 570 million dollars he got to fulfill his promise.Without the help of the majority Democrats in the delegation, the allotment of trump walls will not be allowed. Democrats will need help to get clearance from Upper House Senate.The Democrats say that the president’s unreasonable commitment can not be implemented in the taxes of the public.Trump, on the other hand, said he would not sign any budget bill except for the construction of the wall.Since the budget is not allowed on the two-pronged position of the two parties, the activities of one-fourth of the US central government departments and organizations have been discontinued since December 22. That’s why nearly 8 million government workers are forced to spend days in the longest stalemate in US history.
The US media said that Palosís and other members of the delegation canceled the trip scheduled for Thursday a few hours before the trip to Afghanistan.White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders later handed over the letter of the president to Twitter. In this, it will be better to stay in the country’s Speaker’s Speaker for resolving the trump border border security and resolving the deadlock.Trump said he only canceled the flight of the military aircraft, not the trip to Palazzo. The leader of the Democrats can take part in a scheduled visit by private aircraft if they want. The US president said in a letter.The United States is not sending representatives at the World Economic Forum conference in Davos, Switzerland, late last January, in a statement issued on Thursday, according to a White House statement.Trump has already said that Davos is not going to the conference; Instead, the US administration said on Tuesday that a small team led by US Finance Minister Steven Munken will take part. On Thursday, the trip to the party was canceled.The trip to Pelosi before Afghanistan was not officially announced on Trump’s sword. In the middle of the tour, the pilot planned to rest in the driver for the rest and to meet the top NATO comrades with the speaker of the US House of Representatives.
His deputy chief of staff Drew Hamill later told reporters that Nancy had planned to go to Neto headquarters to reiterate the “steel support” of the US-led military alliance.Pelosi did not have any plan to go to Egypt on the tour, he confirmed.The delegation canceled the Speaker’s visit by showing the reason for the stalemate, but at the same time, the trips and Republicans’ scheduled tours are scheduled for the schedule.


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