Israel student murders in Australia: youth arrested


 International: Australian police have arrested a young man for killing a Israeli student near University Campus in Melbourne.On Thursday morning, 21-year-old Aya Masaru’s body was found near Latruob University. On Tuesday night, a comedy club is believed to have been trampled on the way home on the way back home.At the time Aya was talking to the sister on the phone, local media said citing the BBC.During the phone conversation of Aiyar sister, the phone had heard the sound of the fall and somebody’s voice, the detective police said.A 20-year-old man was arrested on Friday on the outskirts of Melbourne on the murder of an Israeli student student.
Victoria Police has thanked the public for help even if they did not name the arrest.Investigating officials also thought that Ayaya was sexually assaulted before the murder.”So far it seems to be a surprise attack,” said police officer Andrew Stampar on Thursday.


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