The demand for increasing wages of workers at equal rates in all grades


Staff Reporter: Tasklima Akhter, president of Bangladesh Garment Workers’ Association and general secretary Jahasnain Babu, demanded to increase the wages of workers at equal rates in all grades and immediately stop payment, repairs and torture of garment workers. In a joint statement on Tuesday, the workers demanded that the workers’ leaders do not want to be named. They demanded to cut the workers’ pressure, increase the pressure on the target, and stop labor torture in different areas of Uttara, Gazipur and Narayanganj. They said that the recent labor movement is not the reason for the increase in wages in different grades. Apart from this, accumulated dues of unpaid wages, pruning-torture, pressure of the target etc. Workers’ leaders said that according to the government announcement, the workers started getting salaries this month, in the new grade. At the end of the month, the workers did not get the desired salary, the workers got angry and the workers came down to the ground. Besides, there are some factory-based claims that these workers are demanding. They said that the workers’ protest would not be good only if they say ‘conspiracy’ to the workers’ protest without leaving the workers’ dissatisfaction. Workers leaders, especially the 3rd, 4th, 5th grade workers, demanded to bring the original wage in line with the other grades, demanding the growth of the industry. The leaders said, on October 8, 2018, the lowest wage board publishes the Gazette and determines the wages of 7 grade workers. At the same time, our organization offered a specific discussion on garment workers’ solidarity and on behalf of our alliance garment workers rights movement. Claimed that the main driving force of the industry is to redefine the original wage of the power operators. Because the original wages of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade workers, fixed in 2013, increased by 5% in 5 years, the original wage did not increase compared to the number of people who stood in 2018, but it was reduced to 3rd grade workers. On the other hand, while the owners showed total wage increase, the main wage was reduced to deprive the workers. And since the overtime, festival bonuses, increments and job losses are fixed on the basis of the main wage, the workers have been greatly abused by reducing their main wages. With the increase in the wage, it is not possible to accept the wages of the workers to reduce their wages. The leaders also said that in December, when Ashulia workers demand to increase the original wage by closing their accounts, the owners and the government are asked to solve this problem after the elections. Although the elections are over, the owners are still indifferent about this. As a result, the movement of the workers has spread further. Because there is no right to trade union and organization, there is no other way other than protesting standing in the street.


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