Afif is looking forward to using the opportunity


MT Sports: When David Warner, young cricketer, is a great chance to learn when the teammates. Afif Hossain is looking forward to using that opportunity. The young cricketer wanting to learn how Warner scored the innings. Warner is leading Sylhet Sixers in this year’s BPL. Allrounder Afif is playing in Sylhet team. He is also left-handed batsman like Warner.
There is a lot to learn from a cricketer like Warner, learning from his talks and listening to him. Compared to Warner, it is not surprising that Afrido is an aggressive batsman. After the practice of Sylhet on Tuesday, the 19-year-old cricketer said that he would like to learn from Warner. “Since Warner is learning a lot from the batting side, opener. How does the power play play in batting, how to make an innings in the top order, and learning things from a lot to learn. ” It was a good start in the first match of the BPL but Afif could not make the innings later. He was dismissed for 19 runs with 19 runs. But not expecting good things. All the matches you want to contribute to match conditions. “Which game to play, fix your own personal goals in every match. We can finish each match as well as match a match. When batting, we can bat according to the situation in the match. We can give something to the team. Bowling-fielding is all there is. I will try to do well in bowling. Fielding should be done well. ” Affe took 5 wickets in the last BPL T20 debut. From the age-based stage, it is known as a potential one. Then, as a cricketer, the next step is not too bad. Four centuries in 17 matches in first-class cricket In an innings, 19 wickets took 7 wickets. List five wickets in the ‘A’ cricket also. Run-wickets are fairly consistent. In this, the international debut has also happened. Last year Bangladesh played a Twenty20 match against Sri Lanka. But to play regularly in international cricket, the national team will have to walk a lot more ways to move. Afif wants to go ahead in every opportunity to do well. “As for myself, I always try when I play, giving my best. This way I want to move forward. When I play, I want to give them the best. “


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