Shi asked the army to be ready for the war


 International: Chinese President Xi Jinping has directed his country’s army to do whatever is needed to combat any emergency situation and to prepare for war.On Friday, he gave this order in a meeting with top officials of the Armed Forces, according to China’s state news agency Xinhua, Reuters quoted Reuters.Shi said, in the face of additional challenges and risks, China’s army will have to play a role in ensuring security and prosperity of the country.
In recent times, China has been focusing more on the strength and capability of its military force than ever before.Alongside conflicts over tariffs, Shi’s directives to the military in the tussle with the United States on the South China Sea and Taiwan can further increase the tensions between Beijing and Washington, observers warn.The Chairman of the Central Military Commission of China asked Shi to take the responsibility of preparing the strategy, keeping the army in line with the new era and preparing for the war.”The world faces such a big change today, which has not been seen even in the last century. For prosperity, China is within an important time of strategic opportunity, “said the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) general secretary, citing Xinhua.Shi stressed on the ability of the army to respond rapidly, increase capacity of joint operations and develop new type of forces.Earlier on Wednesday, the Chinese president said his country had the right to force Taipei to stop the announcement of Taiwan’s independence and achieve the goal of ‘integration’.In the reaction of the President of the United States Donald Trump, in the wake of the signing of the Asia Reassurance Initiative Act to protect the security of Taiwan last week, Shi said in the reaction
China sees Taiwan as part of its territories. Otherwise, a section of Taipei people want to be independent from Beijing.Their dispute with China is even more evident after the independence movement, which won Taiwan’s last election.There is a tension between Beijing and Washington. Last year, US warships had traveled through the Taiwan system several times. China has always been protesting such ‘provocation’.Trump is ready, emergency threats are going on despite a year-long deadlockUS President Donald Trump has threatened to declare emergency status by passing Congress on the need to build a wall in Mexico border.He said that if the ongoing deadlock in the various government agencies and institutions in the third week of December is ready for the year, then he is ready for that.
Talking to journalists on Friday after meeting with the Democrats, the Republican president also indicated that he would not sign the budget bill without the construction of the wall, the news agency Reuters said.Trump promised to build a wall at any cost at the border with Mexico to prevent illegal immigrants in the election campaign. She has taken one step after fulfilling that goal since she has been in the Oval Office.On the other hand, the Democrats had been issuing objections to the construction of the wall in central government funds from the beginning.According to the BBC, the Congress and the President’s disagreement over the last budget of the last year, the fear of the central government’s new standoff arises.
After the House of Representatives of the Republican majority, it passed a budget bill with the cost of building the wall, but it did not get enough votes for 60 votes in the Senate.
As a result, the government’s third round deadlock in the period of trump started on December 22. In this, about 8 lakh employees of different organizations and organizations are without salary for two weeks.On Thursday, if new members of the delegation took charge, Democrats approved a new bill with a proposal to give 130 million dollars to the border security fund of the majority House of Representative Trump; Of course, the White House did not even mind the White House.Until February 8, the approval of the upper house will be required before sending the bill to the government and the organization’s expenditure on the expenditure of the organization.Top leaders of the Republican Party say that if they do not get the green signal of the trump they will take position in the Senate against the new bill.
Democrats regain control of Lower House House of Representatives but Republicans dominate the Senate.The US president was very excited at the White House’s Friday meeting. Talking to Democrats, he was also called ‘very fruitful’.Later, in response to the questions asked by the journalists, Trump accepted that the meeting threatened to keep the deadlock a year-long.”I said, I just said that. Although I do not think it will be, but I’m ready. I’m proud of what I’m doing, I’m not calling it a deadlock, what I need to do for the country’s security and profit-I call it the same name, “comments the US president.In response to a question that whether the president’s power would be used to pass Congress’s approval to the budget bill, the Republicans gave their indispensable position.”I can. We can make emergency (fast) by issuing emergency. That could be another way to build walls, “said Trump.The new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, said that their meeting with the president on Friday was “full of contradiction”.”We talked about the need to resolve the government’s deadlock. She did not care.


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