Physically 3 of every 5 children in Bangladesh are not active


MT Health: The number of physical activities to be done in order to grow well, three out of every five children in Bangladesh are said to be in a survey report.According to the report published in the Physical Activity and Health magazine, only 41.4 percent of students aged 13 to 17 were seen physically active at least one hour during the seven-day study.The World Health Organization has also advised that physical activity should be done every day for normal development of the child. In the last week, a study report titled ‘2018 Bangladesh Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth’ was released in Australia. This is the first issue of children’s life in children and young people in Bangladesh.Authors of the study report say that this bias of children and young people are greatly influenced by the health of the people and it is important to take the topic in priority list in Bangladesh.
Researchers have called for creating awareness, vocal and supportive environment, based on this report. If they are done, they will become part of their everyday life by changing the habit of physical behavior of children and youths.They have arranged for physical work, school sports in school, arrangements for sports in the area, nationally physical activities – observation arrangements.Asad Khan, the head of the researcher’s team, said that along with these initiatives and supervision of a national policy formulation of active lifestyle and its proper implementation, supervision is also important.Assistant Professor Asad Khan of Queensland University of Australia, Chairman of Active Haley Kids Bangladesh. This organization has created this report with the children of Bangladeshi children who have joined the Global Alliance with Active Healy Kids.The summary of their report was published in ‘Physical Activity and Health’ magazine.Being physically active is not a matter of will, but it is necessary for life.In a statement, President of Global Alliance President Mark Traumb said, “The physically challenged children are at risk of having problems in physical, mental, social and intellectual development.” That’s why everyone should take notice of this.
“This generation has to face many challenges. They must adapt to climate change, globalization and rapid technology change. So they need to be physically active to be able to adapt to their healthier and different situations, so that they can survive and succeed in the changing world. “


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