Food Allergies


MT Health: Many food that we eat, takes our body or penetrates into it, and if excessive or impaired and deceptive response occurs against it, then it is called Alzhi reaction. We all eat cow’s milk, cow’s meat, eggs, bananas, brinjal, shrimp and hilsa fish. Some people suffer from these stomach ache, asthma or catheter. These are algebraic reactions of food. 6 to 8 percent of children and 1 to 2 percent of the elderly people usually suffer from food alarms. But it is seen in the first year of birth.Types of cases
Food Allergy: After eating food, after unhealthy immunological reactions, there is an abnormal reaction after eating food.
Which diet is algeric?
Allergic to almost all types of food. Especially the cow’s milk and meat, eggs, nuts, soybeans, hilsa, shrimp, insects, boals, rock fish, brinjal, pumpkin, kachi etc.
Food allergic syndrome occurs in different parts of the body such as skin or skin in the chest and immediately after the wheel becomes red with the wheel.
Eyelashes, eyes wash, eyes get swollen and red.
In the upper airways, the nose and throat are in the throats. Throat seems to have swollen, there is also difficulty in talking, reading water with nose, closing the nose, sometimes having the word.
Down breathing, breathing difficulties, cough, breathlessness, bamboo sounds
Depression can be seen in nausea, abdominal cramps or pain, diarrhea. Jananantrera-wife and male organs are in the throats and cramps or pain started in the urinary tract.
Cardiorovascular system headaches and blood pressure may also decrease or increase.
How can this disease be diagnosed?
How long has the symptoms of disease started from the history of the disease, whether during the medieval period of food intake and reaction, and epic dermatitis, asthma, Alzheimer’s rhinitis. Laboratory Test-Skin Prick Test, Specification IGE
After the patient’s history and examination, after analyzing the patient’s Alzheimer’s diet, after the discharge of two to six weeks after the discharge of the food after the symptoms of the disease, it is necessary to understand that the food is responsible for this alaricra.
Testing of Algebrazine Food: In this method, the food is given to the patient at a moderate level. If there is no reaction after giving 10 grams of dry food and 60 grams of wet food, it is understandable that the possibility of getting Alize from that food is very low.
What can be the effect of algebraic food, even when Alzheimer’s diet is interacted?
Yes, there may be some cases. As such, some airborne proteins are released during the cultivation of shrimp in the jaundice and anaphylactic reaction can occur within the airway.
This is the way to understand if Alzheimer’s diet is eaten and in the few hours of eating that diet, more exercise is usually done in children.
What is the probability of being asthma after eating Alzororrhon diet?
Generally, after eating almonds, there is no asthma, but asthma may occur in other subclasses. However, other reactions like eating almonds, such as the lips become swollen, face irritation, nausea, and swelling of the eyes. Asking patients with asthma, 20 to 60 percent of them think that they have no food for their asthma. After feeding those foods that are considered responsible for their asthma, they found that only 2-5% of cases had reduced lung capacity or increased intensity of asthma. 6-8 percent of children in asthma are from Algorithmic diet. For adults, rarely comes from food. So patients with asthma do not often eat alzorrhogeneric food, although they do not have any fear of having asthma when they eat these foods.
What is the food allergy in epic dermatitis patients?
Atopic dermatitis is responsible for 33 percent of allergenogenic food.
Can children be alzheimer by eating breast milk?
There is no substitute for mother’s milk. There is no algebra for babies from mother’s milk. But a lot of mothers may eat milk and go out with breast milk and share them with baby alarirs. Many babies suffer from eczema disease by eating cow’s milk. Mother’s breast milk does not make much noise. Generally the milk allergies have decreased slightly after some days. Eleven years after birth, five years have passed since the age of 5. They can eat but sweets, very little baby milk until allergic age is older. They need treatment. Many children love to eat eggs, but eating stomach pain, walking and nose are stopped? What can be done? The egg allergy is a very common phenomenon, especially the children. Consult the doctor at the Alzheimer’s clinic for this. Generally, the white section contains noises, yellow parts are not available. So yellow parts can be separated separately. Then the egg white part of the egg will be very little to give every day. Some medicines are to be fed before. You may need something later. Gradually it can be fixed.
Treatment: Allergic foods identified by the examination will be excluded from the food list, but it is also treated with medicines in some cases. Among them, chololine, antihistamine, epinephrine plays a very effective role in eating mouth. Patients also have a frontal perception of the disease and primary treatment


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