Apples and tomatoes will protect smokers


MT  Health: Doctors and researchers around the world do not end up smoking with smoking. The promotion of positive effects of smoking is going on. In the next 50 years, epidemics about smoking-related illness will take shape around the world. When this situation, in a panic attack, a group of American researchers showed hope. They said that due to smoking, those whose lungs are severely damaged, can give them a new life-free taste, red gorgeous tomatoes and fresh apple. One more important information came from researchers at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.They made a survey of about 50 people who had quit smoking 10 years ago or earlier. It has been found that, due to regular eating of tomato and apple, their impression of loss due to smoking in the lungs is surprisingly erased. In addition to eating regular apples and tomatoes, 20 persons who regularly smoked regularly have found that at one time the loss of lungs due to smoking is less than the loss of smoking.In 2004, for the first time, 650 adults started researching the condition of diet, smoking and lungs, and the researchers team. After 10 years, tests were done on them again and they started feeding tomato and apple regularly, judging the lung condition. The report has come in handy recently.But not only apples or tomatoes, researchers say that if any adult consumes fresh fruits three times a day, their lungs can be around 70 percent better than others. However, in this case, Tomato and Apple will give the best work. Researchers have made it clear that the benefits of this process will not match the result.
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