Tisha in the new three movie’s


MT Entertainment: Nusrat Imroz Tisha Extremely beloved to the small and big screen viewers Last year, she has presented many popular work to the audience. This year, the new three pictures are coming in front of the audience. The pictures are ‘Yellow Bunny’ and ‘Phagun Hawaay’ in Impress Telefilm Productions. Another picture is ‘Saturday afternoon’. In the joint production, ‘Saturday afternoon’, the film has produced Jazz Multimedia and Shyam Sunder De in Calcutta as well as the film. The film has already finished its work.
Tisha said about the three pictures of the new year, the story of each picture is different. Imagine telephilm produced in three films, ‘Phagun Hawaya’ will be released on 8th February. Photo Screenplay by Padmanawa Das Gupta. We hope that visitors will love this image made on Language Movement. Touqir Ahmed managed it. Then Impress and the production of Telescience and Entrete-Nement in India, the film is jointly directed by Sukant Gangopadhyay’s ‘Yellow Bunny’ film. The maker of the film Taher Shipon and Mukul Roy Chowdhury of Kolkata. Apart from this, Mustafa Sarwar Farooqi’s ‘Saturday afternoon’ will be released this year. Inspired by the story of Tito Rahman’s ‘Bai Khe Koi’ and Impress Telefilm Productions, in the film ‘Phagun Hawaay’, Tia opposite Shisham Ahmed acted. Powered by Tauqir Ahmed, directed by Parveerbhat and Kolkata actress Paoli Price, starring Tisha as co-cinematographer in the movie ‘Yellow Bone’. Apart from Tisha in ‘Saturday afternoon’, Zahid Hassan, Eresh Zak, Palestinian actor Yad Hurani, India’s Parambrata have played in different roles.


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