The new cabinet is being formed Keep in mind the honest and qualified


Omar Faruk Jalal:Awami League-led Grand Alliance has won landslide victory in eleven parliamentary elections. Polling was held on 30 December 2999 in 300 seats. Due to the discrepancy, the results of 299 seats were announced without excluding a seat. Awami League is going to form government for the third consecutive term after getting absolute majority. In accordance with the constitutional obligation, MPs will be sworn in at 11am today. The new cabinet will take oath in the next week. In spite of various debates, the United Nations and Western countries did not raise any question about the legitimacy of the 11th Parliament. The government and all political parties have called for work together. The European Union believes that through the presence of all the parties and the presence of voters, Bangladesh’s desire for democracy has been reflected in the aspiration. The United States thinks the government and opposition will work together to showcase Bangladesh’s glorious economic development and respect for democracy and human rights. On the other hand, the international community has expressed concern over the deaths of electoral violence. The West has also been asked to investigate the irregularities that have already been raised.The hopes of the Awami League and grand alliance have also increased. Especially the 21-point charter of Awami League’s election manifesto has brought new hope among the people. To implement this pledge, a public welfare system will be established. In the right place, patriotism will give responsibility to the right people. In this election, the victory of Awami League or grand alliance has been achieved mainly by voting of young voters. The young have worked as the main driving force of the bend. A large part of the country’s huge manpower is young. Bangladesh will lose the road soon if they can not properly implement them. Therefore, they have to engage young people in the work of building the country. Providing suitable employment to young people will create new inspirations in them. Young people’s employment is said in the election manifesto. People will be more confident if they take the right steps. Confidence will be reflected in the next five years.
Corruption is a big problem in Bangladesh. In the election manifesto, Awami League has declared zero tolerance against corruption. To be more stringent to eliminate drugs, terrorism and militancy, the next government will have to To ensure economic and social security at any cost. And it requires patriotism and political commitment to people. Many eligible people have been elected by the people’s vote in this election. If there is a place in the honest and qualified cabinet, there will be no doubt about the government.


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