‘It was too great for me’: Vabna


MT Entertainment: Ekushey Book Fair will be released in the second novel of the popular model-actress Ashna Habib. He said he would finish his writing in the first week of the new year. The actress started writing the novel last year and this year started this year. He told this information himself. In this context, he said that in the year 2018 I have finished my writing. Apart from this, the eleventh national election has been added in the last year of the year. The election day seemed like an Eid to me. But now I’ve paid attention to writing again.
As a new year, I started writing through the new year. What will be the novel this time? In this context, she said, my first novel was female centric. This year’s novel is also with the girls. The novel’s story about the life of a 16-year-old 22-year-old girl. Everyone will be seen when the rest is revealed. His first novel ‘Gulnehar’ was published in the bookstore. It is very well appreciated in the audience of the reader. After that, he also made the telephone. It also responds in the audience. The story of an old story about ‘Gulnehar’ has been expanded. Today is the third day of the new year. What was the year 2018 this glamor girl? In response to this question, he said, have passed a lot of beautiful years. I have published my first novel in the year. The story of the television has been created again. Which has been quite admired by the audience. In addition, in December, BTV acted in the drama ‘Bhendur Mukh’. That too was very big for me. I have played in a drama titled ‘Mayabati’ on Eid Ever. This play is very well appreciated by everyone. So I can say that the year 2018 was a wonderful year for me. What is the plan of thinking in the new year? His commentary, I do not think myself like many other heroines. I want to be an actress. It’s good to be an actress. I want to stay with the audience through good deeds. I used to play in addition to makeup for the character. Because, I have to play different characters. Through which will get the opportunity to establish itself as an actress. Many actresses of TV drama are working on the film at this time. Many people are also rumored to be regular in the film. But what is the reason for not seeing a new film yet after a picture? I thought, I can act in film if I want to. But I’m not. There are a few reasons why not. I got a lot of pictures before filming ‘Awesome Beautiful’. But they did not. I still get the offer of pictures. But I’m not getting the kind of stories and characters I’m looking for. I want to play a role that the visitors will always remember. This actress now has three serial plays. In the meantime, two series are being promoted in Bengali Vision. Two of the series are SA Hawk Alikik’s Jajir Master and Rokeya wall ‘Sonali Din’. Apart from this, a very soon will be campaigning on citizen TV and its sequel is a series titled ‘Josephine’. It is in operation Animas Aich. The idea is acting in the name role. In contrast, popular actor Chanchal Chowdhury will be seen. Regarding acting on TV drama, she said, “I play more days in special dramas. The series has not been played for many days. But the years have started acting as the likes of stories and characters of these series. The promotion has responded quite a bit in the ongoing two series of viewers.


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