Editorial Council Letter demanded ensure free movement journalists to CEC


Staff Reporter : The editorial council has demanded to ensure free movement of journalists, journalists and media related vehicles across the country for three days from the day before the election. In a letter signed yesterday by Chief Election Commissioner KM Nurul Huda, General Secretary of the Secretary General Mahfuz Anam, the demand was made yesterday. It has been mentioned that before and after the election, journalists, journalists, media-related media should ensure free movement of the vehicles. The letter further said, to ensure free movement of transporters, journalists, or news transporters of newsmen and newsmen. In the letter, the secretary of the editor was asked to help the law enforcing agencies to ensure free movement of journalists and media persons and the movement of vehicles. On December 21, the Election Commission banned the use of motorcycle in the news collection in a policy. The parliamentary elections will be held on December 30.


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