Call to stay alert  avoid sabotage on election day Mannan’s


Staff Reporter : The Chairman of the University Grants Commission has urged all to remain alert on the eleventh parliamentary elections to avoid sabotage. Abdul Mannan She said, there is no alternative to Sheikh Hasina, Awami League will again be brought to power. Remember that if the Awami League wins the country will laugh. She said this at a discussion meeting organized by the Bangladesh Liberation War generation journalist at the National Press Club on Wednesday. Dr. Mannan said, the people of the country do not want to see corruption now, the wind does not want to see the building, does not want the rise of militancy. They are peaceful, this regime brings back the regression government. It should not be so much that the BNP has done terrible damage to the country after the last parliamentary election. At that time, they destroyed the wealth of 4 thousand crore rupees. They killed 100 people. He said, everyone will have to stay alert on the day of upcoming election, the center must be guarded. Many people can conspiracy to foil this election. Everyone must stay at the center until the count is counted. The victory will be held on the next day, before the center watch. Dr. Mannan also said, if you give me money, I will not be a Saeed, Ronnie or Reza Kibria if I’m greedy. Because of their greed, they changed the policy. I do not have the greed, I want development of the country, I do not want to go to any plot. Keep in mind that in order to continue this development, Sheikh Hasina will be brought to power again. We do not want any of its alternatives. The meeting was also attended by the organization’s president Ahmed Saiful Islam Choton, said. Nusrat Farzana, AK Zaman and others.


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