Probiothetic madness to cure


MT Desk: Probiotics can be used only to solve mental problems, not just intestinal problems.
And this data has been found in Maryland’s Shepard Prat Health System, a study.
‘Probiothetic supplementation’ may be helpful in treating intestinal inflammation. ‘Bipolar Disorder’ and mental problems, the researchers commented in the intestinal inflammation.
‘Bipolar Disorder’ is a psychological problem in which the symptoms of the mind change greatly in the moment. For example – craze to despair According to a study by Faith Dokrison of Maryland Shepherd Prat Health System in Maryland, the purpose of ‘probiotics supplement’ is to reduce the inflammation caused by the disorder of microbial in the gut. The components of ‘probiotics’ are ‘non-pathogenic’ bacteria that improve the overall health of the body while in the intestinal flora or digestive system.Researchers show that the participants who have been given ‘probiotics supplement’ have come to the hospital after a long period of time compared to others. At the same time, compared to other participants, their treatment was less time consuming.Also, at the beginning of the research, the level of inflammation of the patients was most likely to be the beneficial aspects of ‘probiotic supplement’.The results of this study were published at the annual conference of theAmerican College of Neurosciforma-pharmacology in Florida.Currently the treatment of this disease is a combination of ‘psychotherapy’ and ‘antipsychotics’ medicines to keep the mood stable.
Researchers said, “Changes in intestinal infections are able to change the condition of psychological problems, and this effect can bring new levels of treatment to Bipolar disorder”.
A few patients admitted to the hospital for inspection for research have been observed for six months. Researchers review the effects of ‘probiotics’ on patients’ mind-mood and disease prevention.
Photo: Reuters.


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