Pakistan wants to send cricketer to the IPL


Sports : Wasim Khan took over as the new managing director of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). On Saturday (December 22nd) he was given the new responsibility. Wasim told his future plan on the first day of the responsibility. The first is the development of relations with the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI). Wasim also expressed interest in sending Pakistani cricketer to the Indian Premier League (IPL).Wasim feels that the two-board relationship should be good for the sake of the development of cricket. “I want to sit with the BCCI and want to talk about the development of the relationship with them. I want to overcome all the obstacles in the interest of cricket. Accept all the changes. I want Pakistan’s cricketers to be given a chance in the IPL and this will be the first big step. “Pakistani cricketer took the last part of the 2008 IPL After the terrorist attacks on Sri Lankan cricketers in 2009, Pakistani cricketers were not allowed to play in the IPL and the BCCI did not allow them.


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