JSC pass rate is highest in Barisal, Dhaka tops in GPA-5


Staff Reporter: Junior School Certificate Examination (JSC) is the highest pass rate in eight boards at Barisal; Students of Dhaka Board got the highest GPA-5. Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid briefed the different aspects of the results of the JSC-JDC by holding a press conference at the Secretariat on Monday. JSC-GDC jointly passed 85.83 percent of the students. And the GPA-5 received 68 thousand 95 people. Barisal board has the highest 97.05 percent; And on the Sylhet Board, 79 percent of the 832 percent students passed. On the other hand, 89.04 percent of the students under the Madrasa board passed the exams. The highest number of 22,334 students of Dhaka Board has got GPA-5 in the JSC. And on the madrasa board the number of students found in full GPA of 1,98743 All of the institutions are: Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) exams have reduced the number of schools passed by 100 percent and zero passed schools. Now all the candidates of 4,769 educational institutions have passed. And none of the 43 institutions could pass. JSC-GDC jointly passed 85.83 percent of the students. Since last year, the pass rate increased two and 18 percent. Last year, all the students of 5,799 educational institutions passed the JSC-ZDC. And all the students of 59 institutions dropped. This year, the number of institutions that passed 100 percent of the students decreased 510 And the number of educational institutions passed zero was reduced to 16. In the JSC, 413 of the Dhaka Board, 912 in Rajshahi, 158 of Comilla and all the 276 educational institutions of Jessore Board passed. And 89 students of Chittagong Board, 821 in Barisal, 71 in Sylhet, 302 of Dinajpur Board and 1,772 students of madrasa board passed the students. On the other hand, 20 of Madrasa Board, 11 Dinajpur Board, 5 in Dhaka, 2 Rajshahi and one student of Jessore and Chittagong could not even pass a part in the JSC-ZDC.Passed 97.97 percent in nine centers abroad: 97.77 percent of the nine centers abroad have passed the Junior School Certificate (JSC) examination, out of which 56 have received GPA-5. Last year, 93.82 percent of the students passed from abroad. As such, the pass rate in the foreign center has increased 4 to 15 percent. Now 541 students participate in the nine centers outside the country. 530 people passed in them. Hundreds of students from five centers have passed. JSC-GDC jointly passed 85.83 percent of the students. Among them, GPA-5 received 68,895 people.


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