If you do not want to wrap in the winter


MT Desk: Using only two cosmetics, it is possible to have freshness in the cold water.
Many do not want to pour water on the winter during winter. Besides, bathing is not possible due to travel or illness. If you do not take water, you can be refreshing to use two cosmetics.
Here are the ways to stay refreshing without taking a shower during the winter on a live-themed report on this topic.Dry shampoo: One of the hair problems is lactation and shampoo after three to four days to survive this problem. In winter, dry shampoo can be used to protect against this problem. It can be used without water.Like shampoo powder, which is made from corn and rice which absorbs the skin of the head skin. This shampoo is possible to show hair freshness and sparkle after spraying the head.Bath Wipes: It may not be possible to take a bath if traveling or when sick. Body wipes can be used instead of bathing in the body.Such wipes contain antibacterial material that easily works against germs and gives refreshment. There are also fragrances that keep the skin smooth.The biggest advantage is that it does not need to go to the jungle. The comfort of the house can be used.


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