Every 50-50 decisions we have against us: Brathwaite

┬áSports: Carlos Brathwaite does not blame the umpires for wrongdoing. However, West Indies T-20 captain claims that every 50-50 decisions have been made in Bangladesh since the ODI series. According to him, it was important to protest at the field and stand by the team.West Indies lost Bangladesh by 50 runs in the third T20 match of the series. But all the details of the umpire’s mistakes in the discussion. In the fourth over of the Bangladesh innings, Umeshan Tanvir Ahmed called no ball in Ocean’s two deliveries in the fourth over. It is seen on TV replays, no one is not. Later, Liton Das took the catch off the mid-wicket.
Seeing the replay, when the Caribbean were told that the ball was not there from outside the field, then they protested. Captain Brathwaite was the pioneer Talking with field umpires, talking with reserve umpires and match referees outside of the field, the game is stopped at least 8 minutes.After scoring 62 runs in the first 4 overs, Bangladesh lost the way only after that break. 7 wickets lost in the next 31 runsNear the end of the match, there was no ball controversy surrounding the Broadcast press conference. In the first question about the incident, the Caribbean captain said about 6 minutes. There is anger, grief, analysis, all of which are mixed.”After the second match I went to the match referee. Fortunately, I was here during the ODI series. It is to be said that 50-50 decisions were not one of us. Every such decision has gone against the West Indies. “”I have never wanted to accuse anyone of cheating against anyone. They are also professional. I do not think they are named in the field to betray or cheat. I did not accuse them of fraud, but I have made it clear to match referees that every 50-50 decisions in the one-day and Twenty20 series have been against us. We certainly could not play good cricket, red balls or white But I have seen that every time I played for the West Indies, these decisions have hindered us. “”This incident happened once before the ball in the fourth over. So it was necessary to highlight it. The party is young I can not push them into this fight. If something comes back, it should come to me. I’m the crew of the ship. I told the boys to stay calm, to stay together as a team, to see the umpire and match referees. Of course I was a little aggressive and emotional. That may be. We were fighting for the country. But I have tried to be respected to all. I was asking the law. ”
“The law is that it can not be reviewed or changed if no ball is called. But if not called, the video can be changed. Everyone saw it in the field was no ball. One of the young and inexperienced people, like Ocean Thomas, was suffering from. In the end he got a wicket, but in the opposite it was a free hit, to make extra balls and to score runs. His mental condition shuffled the decision. “”As a captain I had the responsibility to stand by the side. Not only for myself, I had to take a tough position for the West Indies cricket. … Today’s match has shown that if we can do the right things in the field with emotion, many things come in handy. What we deserve, we have to give it to the match officials. “”Again, I’m not saying, match officials cheated. Because I think they are professionals. But what I have seen, I can tell about it. If we do not get the award, I will say it as a captain. Match referee.”The problem has been solved after doing some hard work. We have worked so hard that we can not leave the field or we can not bring them matches and series. The decision was to stay in the field, to fight and meet the end. “”At that time, I wanted 5 minutes to match referee so that I could calm boys, forget the debate, and return to the field. Forget about what happened, we can finish the next 16 overs. Thank you, the time has been given to us. I have had the opportunity to talk to teammates. The matter was we left to everyone else. Standing alone in the circle, I only spoke. After that everyone has responded, everyone said that we must win this match. After that, what happened in the match. “If he is to be punished for his protest or behavior, then there is no doubt about Brathwaite.”The punishment will come, and it will be. But if it does not stand for anything, everything will break. If I am punished for this, I will accept the smile. It was important to stand by the teammates and it was my duty as captain. Today, I’ll do it in the future. I do not know what the match referee can do. But as I said, my teammates, the country and the West Indies, as I have stood today, will stand in the future. “


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