Do not medicate neck and back pain, take therapy

MT Desk: The amount of medicines can be reduced if you start taking ‘Physical therapy’ in the forearm, neck, shoulder or back pain.And the results were found in a study in the United States Stanford University.Pain reduction drug contains opiate or opiate content. This insulin material helps reduce the amount of pain. Increasing the chance of getting addicted to this drug may increase.Therefore, the results of this study are said to be – Do not take medicines in the neck, back or shoulder pain, but the help of ‘Physical Therapy’ should be taken.
According to the researchers, the treatment therapy ‘maskuloskeletala or muscle-bone pain clinics can handle and this method does not nirbhasila on drugs.5.1 percent.Stanford University Assistant Professor Eric Sun said, “Physical therapy is not a witch, but one of the most effective ways to control pain. And there is no side effect. “He further said, “According to our research, if the patient was given physical therapy at the right time, they would have been less likely to be dependent on pain medicines.”Researchers surveyed 88 thousand 985 patients for this study.Researchers hope this study will provide useful guidance for the doctors who are looking for alternative medicines for pain control.


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