The election in Plato BGB deployed 1115


Staff reporter : Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) is ready to face any situation in the eleventh parliamentary elections, said BGB Director General Major General Safinul Islam. He told reporters after visiting the BGB temporary camp at Patiya High School ground on Sunday. Major General Safinul Islam said, “According to the instructions of the Election Commission, the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) A total of 11,500 Plato BGBs have been deployed across the country. Only 145 Plato BGBs have been deployed in Chittagong region. BGB is on the field from December 18, but the work has started from December 20. ”
He said, ‘BGB has been camped one seat every seat. 3-4 Platoon BGBs have been deployed in each ward of 4-6 platoons and every ward in the city area. 30 BGB members will be responsible for every platoon. ‘”The Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) is working to maintain the environment of fair and safe elections. There has been no untoward incident in the elections. There was a slight unstable environment in two places. They controlled the BGB, the police team. We have been able to control an unpleasant incident in Banskhali. ”
BGB Director General said, “BGB does not think the challenge of performing the duties in the election. If you (journalist), if you get people’s cooperation, you think you can finish everything well. Earlier, BGB Director General Major General Safinul Islam came to the temporary camp at 8 BGB temporary camp at Patiya High School ground in the morning with helicopter at around 10am. Chittagong Deputy Commissioner and Returning Officer Ilias Hossain and Chittagong’s Pulshi Super Nure Alam Minar spoke with the BGB Director General. Later, he talked with BGB members. The BGB members also gave guidance in the direction of the election. BGB South-East (Chittagong) Region Commander Brigadier General Md. Adil Chowdhury, Deputy Region commander Colonel Arefin Talukder, Lieutenant Colonel Munir Hasan, Director of 8 Border Guard Battalion, and other senior officials.


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