Social activist Katrina


 Entertainment: Bollywood Actress Katrina Kaif, known for her performance and beauty. But he was also informed about the social work he was involved with. This actress participated in social service with financial support from a school established by her mother. The school was created for the education of backward children.Last year, after playing Tiger Zinda Hai, this year’s big canvas was a picture of Thugs of Hindustan. Bollywood superstar Katrina Kaif presented herself as a very appealing person. Amitabh Bachchan and Amir Khan, both Bollywood superstars were also present in the movie. Although the movie did not see the light of the box at the box office. Zero with Shah Rukh Khan recently released was released. Although Sanju and Thugs of Hindustan could not traverse the first day’s record, Not sure about the cat. He is busy with busy work right now. His performance and stage performance helped him with his mother’s school in his hands. Name MountainView School This school of Tamil Nadu arranges to read the writing of neglected and retarded children. CAT is associated with the mother’s private initiative. In addition to acting, what is his plan for social service? He said, ‘I am thinking about this social service. But now the focus is only on the school. I am also thinking how my mother is thinking. “CAT said that work is going on to add more classrooms to the school. He further said, ‘My mother contacted me to raise money for the school. I’m talking to people about the school. We are creating awareness about the matter. “In addition to acting, social service is good news for Katrina fans. But at the box office, which will bring the good news with zero pictures, waiting to see. Source: Mid-Da


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