Kaji Hayat in America again for treatment

 Entertainment: Kazi Hayat, National Film Award-winning Producer, who has left America for better treatment at 10pm yesterday. Prior to leaving, Shahjalal International Airport came to Live from his child’s Facebook account from his son Kazi Maruf. Coming to Live at the time, Kazi Hayat said, Dear countrymen and my fans I know all my fans are spread across the country. Many people who love me, who wish my best wishes, many people also phone. Many times I get annoyed by calling but I know their love is very deep. Today I am saying these words at Dhaka airport. I am going to New York City for my treatment.
I do not know how to treat? But I did not hear this or the relatives of my relatives. That is the strain that my neck movements have blocked. The blood circulation on the head is also blocked. It is not treated in Bangladesh. I pray that I should come back very well. The day you vote, maybe I’ll be in the operation table in New York. You pray for me so that we can come back very well. Pray for the country. The country I have fought for, the country I love, the country I always spoke to in the movie. In every movie that tried to highlight the scars of the country. He also said, I want to live among you for a long time. My dream is that I will be back to you again. Then come to the soil of Bangladesh (action-cut), I will go to my village home with Padma bridge. My village is far from here I want to go away from the village of Madhumati in my village. Where I was able to swim in my childhood. I want to go there again. I want to go through Padma bridge. That hope is my fill. You will pray for me. Besides, I have nothing to say. Amjad Hossain was gone, he was my favorite and close man. I wish for his soul’s forgiveness. It is to be noted that Qazi Hayat, the creator of heart and body suffering from various diseases for several years. He was admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York for some time due to medical treatment. There are advanced treatments in her At present, his condition was again worsened as he left for New York again. Along with his son Kazi Maruf


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