Indonesian sunami killed 168

Staff Reporter: At least 168 people were killed and at least 745 people were injured in the tsunami in the neighboring Sunda Prabhani area of ​​Indonesia. The BBC reported that at least two people are still missing since the tsunami last night. Indonesia’s Disaster Management Department said that dozens of homes were damaged in the incident. The Indonesian Geophysical Agency (BMKG) is of the opinion that this tsunami has been created due to earthquake due to the volcanic eruption caused by volcanic eruptions from the Crakatoa volcano. With the effect of fullima, the surge of tsunami has swept through the sea with huge power. In the middle of Java and Sumatra Island, this Sunda system connects the Java Sea with the Indian Ocean. Most deaths have come from Indonesia’s Pundeglong, South Lampang and Choong areas. Authorities say the number of dead may increase in tsunami. Rescuers are pulling people away from the disaster area. A spokesman for Disaster Management Authority gave Twitter on Twitter of a video of Tsunami. The traffic on the streets is seen going on floating in the streets. Yesterday, the Norwegian photographer of the tsunami night, Justin Lund Anderson, told the BBC that when he started to emerge, he was in Anaira Beach in West Java. He was trying to take pictures of Krakatowa’s incarnation. And her family members were sleeping at the hotel. Even though the volcano erupted in the evening, all night was quite calm. In the meantime, when suddenly a huge wave from the ocean appeared on the beach, Anderson began to run around and start running. He says that two waves of tsunami hit the coast subsequently. Because of this, he was able to return to the hotel because he was not strong enough. After the wake of the wife and child at the hotel, Anderson got the sound of the second wave coming soon after By the window he saw that the waves were much bigger than the first. When the huge waterway was passing through the hotel, it was floating in the streets. In this situation, Anderson and the hotel all moved away in a jungle in a high-water area. Quoting volcano Jess Phoenix, the BBC wrote that when volcanic eruptions occur from the volcano, due to the boiling lava, landslides could break down the surface of comparatively cooler shillars. And since part of Crakatoa is submerged in the sea, there could be tsunamis due to landslides. In 1883, thousands of people died in the volcanic eruptions in the volcanic crakatoa. At that time, 135 feet high waves hit tsunamis on the beach, about 30 thousand people swept into the sea at that time. Recently, Crakatoa became active again after a long time. It was about two and a half minutes from the volcano on Friday. As a result, ash cloud spreads up to 1,300 feet above the mountain. In Indonesia, there is often an earthquake due to geological location. Indonesia’s position in the area that is more than half of the world’s active volcanoes, ‘Volcanoes’. Earlier, last September, at least two thousand people were killed in the earthquake and tsunami in the Balaroa and Peatobo areas of Palu, Indonesia. And in 2004, on the coast of the Indian Ocean, powerful earthquake and tsunamis on Sumatra Island killed two hundred and 26,000 people in 14 countries.


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