High court Mazar smashed 11 chests

Staff Reporter: Stolen money laundered 11 caps of the High Court mazar happened. Police said that the robbery took place on Saturday night at some time during the day. Shahbagh Police Station visited the spot on Sunday morning after getting the news. At that time, there was a police station for questioning Abdul Moteleb and Abdur Razzak, who were in charge of the security. Shahbagh Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC-Investigation) Arifur Rahman Sarkar said, the money stashed in the 11 cabs held in a room of the High Court mazar was stolen. Although the Mazar authorities have not yet told anything about the stolen money, it is estimated to be 8-9 lakh taka. Those chests were opened every 15 days or a month later. However, after giving the details, details will be provided. Responding to a question, Arifur Rahman said that the CCTV footage of the report has been reviewed and a person has reported theft. Trying to detain him


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