3 movies in the Christmas festival

 Entertainment: On the occasion of Durga TV, there will be four days of fun for three movies. Among them are ‘Look Who’s Talking’, ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ‘Frogen in Time and the List of Lists’.Take the look of the look Mickey and Julie are two brothers and sisters. From early childhood, two boys could speak like older people. Because of this, there was no tension in the family. There are two new members Rox and Daphne. All of them are funny about them!
On the occasion of Christmas, the movie will be translated into Bengali and Duranto TV will be broadcast on 24 December at 10 pm and on December 25 at 3pm.
Christmas carols at The London city is waiting for Christmas celebrations. During this festival every year, George C. Porter met with the ghost of Christmas. He will still meet this ghost and will also do in the future. It will be shown in this movie the thriller story of being a good man of miserable old age abenor.’Christmas Carol’ will be translated into Bengali, Durant TV will be shown on December 25 at 10 pm and on December 26 at 3pm. Frozen in Time and the Nottie List Scientists come to spend time with grandmother Patty and Eric. They accidentally broke a clock of a grandfather and were in a strange situation. Time has stopped, now every day Christmas! What can they do to fix time? On the other hand, Snowflake and his brother, Winter Naughty, ruined the real Christmas tree. Then Santa gives them many jobs. They get Sparkle’s help to get out of Santor ‘Naughty List’. They can finally make the happy Santa? To answer these questions, you should see Duronto TV’s movie “Frogen in Time and the Nutty List”. It will be broadcast on December 26 at 10pm and on December 27 at 3pm.


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