Messi broke 5 records in 2018


 Sports: As a title, the 2018 may not have been very good for Messi. Especially in the World Cup, the team could not make it to the semi-finals and the fifth spot on the Ballon d’Or has brought disappointment. But his legs did not fall on his legs.Barca captain Lionel Messi has contributed all the goals in the 5-0 win against Levant. Hattrick himself, scored two goals with teammates. Argentine star broke two records in one match. Apart from this, three more records were broken in the whole year.
# 1 La Liga win most for Barcelona (323)
As the player of the tournament, La Liga’s most successful record for the club was former player midfielder Xavi grabbing. This legend has seen a win in Barcelona in 322 matches. Messi won the final match against Levant in a total of 322 matches and won the record for himself.
# 2 Recorded as the only player to score more than ten goals in 13 games
Messi became the only player in the history of La Liga to score 10 or more goals in 13 consecutive seasons.
Messi’s goals in La Liga 13 season:
2006/07: 14
2007/08: 10
2008/09: 23
2009/10: 34
2010/11: 31
2011/12: 50
2012/13: 46
2013/14: 28
2014-15: 43
2015-16: 26
2016/17: 37
017/18: 34
018/19: 14 *
# 3 Highest Champions League goals for a club (106)
This is a record that will have to live forever. In the Champions League, Messi scored 106 goals in Barcelona, ​​with six coming in the current season. Earlier, the record was owned by Juventus winger Cristiano Ronaldo. He made the record for his former club Real Madrid. But since the summer has left Real Madrid in the market, so it can be said that this record will be in the hands of Messi.
# 4 Champions League Most Hattrick (8)
Messi made his eighth hat-trick in the Champions League with a hat-trick against PSV in the group stage of the current tournament. Barca won 4-0 in the match. Cristiano Ronaldo topped the list with seven hat-tricks.
# 5 Over eight times more than fifty goals in nine years
In 2010, Messi’s latest record came in the match against Levant. In the last 9 years, in the last 9 years, the Argentine ‘Pete magician’ has scored more than 50 goals in all competitions. The biggest goal of his career was the year 2012. He scored 91 goals in the service.


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