Third round of events in the unity of the unity


 Amari Hossain:On Tuesday (11 December) at 6:00 pm, the third meeting of the “Ghadhi Unity Parashid” was organized in the meeting of the members of the 7th Council of Gazipur in the adjoining field on the adjoining grounds.
At the beginning of the program, the General Secretary AKM Masudur Rashdi, in a two-year term, called for a discussion on the unity of national unity. The Vice-President, Abdul Khal, in the chairmanship of Ferdous, and the translation of the interpreter of Islam, in the presence of the main leader of the council, Md. Kausar Ahmad. General Secretary Professor Md. Mozinur Rahman, President of World Development Jubo League in 7th, Mr. Jahidi Hasan Choton, Jagroo Juba League, Mr. Jagdish Hossain Chotaon, President of the Kashmipur Police Station, Mr. Abdul Kaiyum Ron, and Mr. Anwar Molla were present in the sub-committee’s speech in Basis. All the deaf people, including Namiye Banki, Ansir Rahman, Mohiuddin Ahmed, Rafiqul Islam, were present at the presentation in the grave. Afterwards Mubarak Hossain was declared the general secretary and 25 members of the committee were announced and the new comics were filled with flowers.Thanking everyone in the concluding speech, and thanking everyone for gratitude, the program concludes


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