Messi does not have the new aircraft?


 Sports: Lionel Messi is in great form in the field. In the La Liga match against Espanyol 4-0 goals won the free kick from two amazing goals. His team is also at the top of La Ligaar Point table. Barcelona and Argentine stars are not going down the field. New jet plane cost 12 million pounds Although the new aircraft for the Messi is made, the golffu v brand is made in 2004. Do not have to fly around the family comfortably with family and friends! There are 16 comfortable seats. Two bathrooms. There is a self-contained kitchen too! The Barcelona star did not buy the plane. Got the lease. But Messi has the specialty of the plane. He wrote his jersey number in the tail area. Every step of the staircase has written the name of his son and wife – Leo, Antonio, Thiago, Siro and Mateo. But the interesting thing is that Messi’s aircraft is prohibited, but any movement of the airspace is prohibited on his house. Only Messi’s house is not possible to expand the Barcelona ‘El Prat’ airport! Earlier this year, the airport authorities wanted to extend the runway beside Barcelona’s suburb Gava and Casteldefeles. Only Messi’s house has been canceled for the project. Because of that, Messi’s house was six kilometers away from the airport.


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