British Prime Minister facing Confidence Vote on party leadership question


MT Desk: British Prime Minister Theresa May is going to face confidence vote on party leadership question. The vote in parliament will challenge the leadership of the United Kingdom on Wednesday. There is strong differences between the British and the breaks. After the Referendum Referendum, the picture of people’s attitude changed. On the other hand, many of the opposing opponents have demanded another referendum. Calling for organizing a new competition on the party leadership question, May, after confronting a minimum of 48 letters in the Conservative Party’s 1922 Committee, is facing the challenge. These are known from British media’s BBC report. In 2016, British citizens voted for the exit of the UK from the European Union, after the voting of Theresa May. But he is in the face of his own breaks plan. Even the team itself has to face criticism Theresa In this situation, PMs of the Conservative Party will take part in confidence vote against him in parliament. According to the British media report, the voting will take place from 6:00 AM to 8:00 pm on Wednesday. If you have more votes for Theresa May in confidence, he will go down. His leadership can not be challenged for at least another year. And if theresa lose by confidence vote, then there will be a competition again on conservative leadership question and theresa can not compete there in May. Again, if Thresa has won majority in confidence, but not everyone has the support, but if he wishes, then he can withdraw from the post of party chief. Being the largest party in the Conservative Party, the person headed by him will be the Prime Minister. Twenty two reshuffle ministers have resigned after the controversy over finalizing the deal. Some of the other ministries have moved aside. The latest among them is the state minister for science and university affairs. On December 6, Theresa May said that if the MPs do not want to accept the draft agreement they have signed with the European Union about the exit of the UK, then they will call it ‘no deal breaksite’. And if you do not want ‘no deal break’, then they will effectively push the breaks down to the UK. The news agency Reuters reported that it is not desirable to cancel the sale. He has made it clear that he should respect the decision of the referendum.


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