Gobindaganj Upazila Committee of Bangladesh Rabidas Forum (BRF) consists of:Krishna Ravidas President, Babulal Rabudas General Secretary, Nayan Rabudas Organizing Secretary


MT Desk: On 10th December, 018 Monday, 12.15 pm, a meeting was held in the meeting of the standing committee of Govindganj under Gaibandha Jail of Bangladesh Rabidas Foram (BRF). The meeting was held at Govindganj High School ground in the presence of Rabidas Organizer, Birajaram Rabidas, a senior organizer of Gobindaganj upazila. Rabidas Forum (BRF), Public Relations Affairs Officer of Gaibandha District Branch Santosh Rabidas, Executive Member Rabil Rabidas spoke on behalf of Gaibandha District Committee. Speaking on the occasion, Milkara-Haripur Rabudas Co-operative Association President Mr. Krishna Rabidas, Rural Police Employees Union of Bangladesh- Mr. Dennis Rabidas President of Gobindaganj Upazila Branch, Sri Rabilal Rabidas Organizing Committee, Sri Kukil Ravidas, Sri Babulal Ravidas, Sri Santosh Rabidas, Sri. Rajkumar Ravidas, Sri Nayan Ravidas, Sri Mintu Ravidas, Sri Nirmal Ravidas, Sri Narayan Rabidas, Sri Ramla Rabidas, Sri Rajkumar Rabidas, Sri Sukumar Rabidas, Sri Tapan Rabidas, Sri Sukumar Rabidas, Sri Bimal Ravidas, Sri Pradip Ravidas, Sri Sanjay Rabidas, Sri Tilakchan Ravidas, Sri Ratan Rabidas, Sri Rupalal Rabidas, Sri Subash Rabidas, Sri Nagen Ravidas, Mr. Mintu Rabidas, Sri Budu Rabidas, Shri Nandaram Rabidas. Bangladesh Rabidas Student Forum (BRSF), Gobindaganj Upazila Branch spoke on the occasion. Vice President Rabil Rabidas, General Secretary Uttam Rabidas, Organizing Secretary Saikat Rabidas, Student Affairs Secretary Huge Rabidas, Public Relations Secretary Sanjit Rabidas, among others. The 31-member committee of Govindganj Upazila unit of the Bangladesh Rabidas Forum (BRF) was unanimously formed. In the committee constituted, Krishna Rabidas was elected president, Babulal Rabidas was elected general secretary and Noyan Rabidas was elected as organizing secretary. Speakers said in the meeting, “With the help of Bangladesh Rabidas Forums (BRF)”, we aim to add awareness of the creation of public awareness and the creation of digital Bangladesh with the objective of creating awareness, well-educated and well-established by the Rabidas. We are committed to making the dream of forming religious leaders, prejudices, dowry, child marriage and Madcom-free rabidas society. But another important thing is that we want to participate in our activities communally not only for the development of our country but also for the people of Hindu-Muslim-Buddhist-Christian-Indigenous-Dalit-minority, and the working masses.


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