Vandalism of old woman’s house


Amir Hossain:
“There is no trial in this country, there is no poor” Some powerful people are taking advantage of the unfair injustice on the poor and taking land. One such complaint is found in the 60-year-old aged Shahnaz Begum. The villagers have been vandalized illegally in filmi style by threatening false cases Shahnaz Begum The incident happened in the south of Kanabari Police Station in the city of Gazipur and east of the brick kiln of Khalek Sahib, where Shahnaz Begum’s own homestead At that time, allegations were made that the old woman and her family were killed and police was threatened. Talking to the local residents, the elderly, Shahnaz and her husband, Md Idris Ali, lived for a long time in Tinset Semipaqa on the property of their mother-in-law. Husband was walking well with his family. A few days ago, local influential BNP leader Md. Motaleb Hossain and his son Md. Tofazzul Hossain Tapan, along with manager Alamas Miah, tried to seize the house of Shahnaz Begum with the terrorists. Ten percent of the houses built on the ground, they broke a store with five rooms. There are allegations that they have been torturing inhuman torture on this silent family for a long time. Shahnaz Begum told reporters (Saturday, November 8th) with tears in her voice, “Some people have killed Saroji, they have killed their father.” Some of the cinemas sir, they are mine and my grandfather Mera Liyo, who went to somebody’s door to Tappo’s father Putta. There are no police personnel at the time of the incident. Bad bad slaughter was done during the demolition. When he tried to contact the mobile phone with Motaleb, his phone was found to be closed.On Saturday (November 08th), Shahjahan Begum talked to journalists about this, Motaleb member threatened Sunday (November 8th) on various occasions after hearing the news, said helpless old woman Shahnaz Begum.


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