The world’s thickest male 34-year-old Franka’s weight was 595 kg


Chittagong bureau: In the last two years, Joan Pedro Franco of Mexico reduced the weight of 300 kg. The 34-year-old Franka’s weight was 595 kg ago. In order to reduce this weight several times he had to sit under the knife. But the end So far it is not that he lost weight only, he also lost the Guinness world record as the world’s most fat man. So there is no longer this title.A couple of years ago, he went out of Guadelouger’s home in Jalisco to undergo surgery. He first performed a surgical hospital first.On average, 9 kilograms of fat per day in the body of Joan was found in the body. But his economic condition was not good that he would be away from this unhealthy environment.Joan said, at the age of six, I had a weight of 60 kilograms. But the matter is not that I did not take care of myself. But it’s actually a disease. With which I came into the world. At 17, he became a victim of a car accident. So that his weight increased further.In the meantime, the opportunity to get rid of this disease comes to him. He is recognized as the world’s most male. This recognition gives him the chance to get rid of the disease. He got help from charity.Joan can now step down from the bed. Take a bath, wear clothes too. Still want to drown 138 kg fat once the world’s thickest male.Joan said, first I could walk six to ten steps. After that I had to sit down. But now I can walk 100 steps. This is a great success



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