The story of being the author of Samaresh Majumder From the greed of drinking coffee started writing


Chittagong bureau:The beginning is by failing. I used to do group theater in Calcutta. Friends requested to write drama. After listening to everyone by hearing a play, seeing their faces, I realized that the writing was not anything but drama. One friend said, you do one thing before, write the story before. Then play the drama I write a story. Print to the country’s newspapers. They also assure the writing will be printed. But the next issue was not printed. After many things the story was printed on paper. Receiving the honor of 15 rupees, he got his money after eating his friends at the Coffee House in Kolkata. Friends are asked to write again in the intake of food. Maybe the journey started from the greed of eating and drinking that coffee. ‘The story of becoming a literary was heard in this way by two Bengali legendary fiction Samaresh Majumder. Yesterday the morning of the city.At Bangabandhu Press Club, he came to attend a special function titled ‘Conversation’, a book on Bangabandhu. When he was sitting on the stage, there was no empty space anywhere in the hall. All the seats in the two-storey hal room in the overflowing crowd of the reader were destroyed before the ceremony began. When the conversation started, hundreds of listeners and listeners were listening to the dear writers on the floor while standing on the floor. Lots of hilarious fountain in the authors of the authors include the whole hal room.In the long interaction, as well as the famous novel Samaresh Majumdar of his novel, such as succession of succession, Kalbela, Orion, Satkahan, as well as the answer to the countless reader’s question Expressed his desire to write a novel about Bangladesh. He said, ‘Many people wrote about the politics and people’s struggle of this country. Since 1947, massive changes have started in the country. The language movement of 52, the liberation war of 71 was born all over this Bengal. There was a time when no single girl would sit in the footpath of Bailey Road, where girls sit together with the boys in the story. The girls of this country have progressed a long way. Satakahan progressed like a lamp. In such a short time, I would like to write about a country so beautiful. ‘Poet and journalist Biswajit Chowdhury in the direction of the audience, the question of the audience is uncommon love to the writer Samaresh Majumder. The writer also fulfills his laughing response to the love loan. “When the father asked me why my name was Joyita, he replied, in the name of the title of your son Samresh Majumdar’s pregnancy book. So you can become a winner. Today, I am not able to hold the joy of seeing the Joy Story character, Samaresh Majumder. “In response to a young girl named Joyita, Samaresh said,” I came to Dhaka a couple of years after getting pregnant. “Sheikh Hasina is then the leader of the opposition. I invited him to meet him. In response to the complaint, he said, ‘Samaresh is what you have done!’ I am a little scared. I said, what I did again! At the end, I learned that Jayati character of 17-18 year old daughter of a senior government official was inspired by the character and went to the mountain of Bandarban from Dhaka without informing anyone. She wished to do what she did in the novel. Despite having many problems in Dhaka, he himself is not coming out of the house. Sheikh Hasina said to me, ‘This is what you set out. It’s your responsibility. ‘I went to that house. After a lot of talk, the girl looked at me a long time and said, ‘Awakening! Why do you go to Samaresh Majumdar? ‘Then, showing the pictures of the cover of the book,’ This picture can be yours! ‘The joy of the beloved writer goes to the hallway,Asked about not writing poetry, Samaresh said, “The ability to write poems has to be acquired. It does not belong to everyone. I could not write poetry despite the wish. So wrote prose. ‘But even without writing poetry, he wrote a poem. At the beginning of the ceremony, a young man named Anindita, singing songs written by her.
On the occasion of the long chat, his novelist succession, Kalabella and Kalpurus came up again and again. Regarding the novelist, he said, “The first two of these two are forced writing. It can be said, I wrote the compulsory. After the release of succession, the remaining two episodes were written by the publisher Sagarmoy Ghosh, considering the interest of readers. I have created these novels in my shadow. ‘What do you need to be a writer? Responding to a question from a young man, Samaresh Majumder gave a glimpse of everyone. He said, there does not need much to be literary. First of all, writing paper, pen need finger in blood No need to look at. Anyone can be the author if they are.
Asked about the country-foreign favorite writer, he made reference to Huyen Ahmed. He said, “In Dhaka, he really talked with Humayun Ahmed. I used to stay together from seven in the evening till one night. After 12 o’clock, he told his other companions to leave. Then just talk to me. In his house, Nuhash Palli, we were together in various cities of America. He often said, Samaresh- Humayun Ahmed, who did not read from 15 to 16 on foot, is not the reader. And in the 25 years Humayun Ahmed falls on foot – he is not the reader. It does not have the power to say it all. ‘Dipankar Das, the proprietor of Lighthouse in the welcome speech, said that four years ago, Samresh Majumder came to Chittagong Lighthouse. He was happy with the reader’s love. Despite the illness, he again responded to our call.


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