Residents of Dharmagoda village are living in the mercy of nature Rangunia: Development-deprivation and non-receipt of accounts


Chittagong bureau: Islampur Union, 15 kilometers away from Rangunia upazila headquarters. Ward number 9 of this union is divided into two parts. One part of the adjacent hill areas, 3 kilometers east of the office, in the other part of the union council office. Residents of this area mostly belong to the tribe. Ghagra canal has divided the village. Being a remote mountainous area, electricity has not reached the light here yet. Due to lack of electricity, religious people are far behind from the touch of modern civil services and information technology. Travel arrangements and health care are very delicate. There are several institutions, including government primary schools, Buddhist temples, in the village. Local people talked to the local residents on Monday morning. They said that they have to travel with the main victims of the Ghagra canal crossing the union. When the rain water came down, the movement of the villagers was stopped. To sell the produce of agricultural produce, farmers were forced to suffer in Ranihat market. Keep in tune with nature’s behavior. Villagers If there is a thunderstorm, the children of the village can not go to school as well as the people of the village have been separated from the main land of the union. Although the demand of Rangunia upazila has been brought under the power of electricity, the electricity has not reached the light yet in this village. The people of the village of Dharmagoda expressed their resentment on the basis of nature, said a schoolgirl from the ninth grade of Hanke Tanchanga. He traveled 9 kilometers a day and went to Rajani Nagar High School in Ranirhat High School.Local farmer Mithun Marma said that during the monsoon, the water in the Ghagra canal increased. Many times he did not have to buy vegetables from the field and he had to sell the area cheaply because he had to sell the area cheaply. Village dweller Colin Marma said that there was no electricity in this village for a long time. People in the area have been demanding for electricity connection for a long time. Inland transit system is also very poor. Building a bridge on the Ghagra Canal will end the suffering of the residents here.Koli Chakma, a 5th grade student of Dharmagoda Government Primary School, said, “It is difficult to survive in class if it gets too hot.” I got sick many times in excess of the summer. He hoped that the problem would have been solved if someone tried to connect their electricity to the school.Dharmagoda Government Primary School’s teacher Rupen Kanti Barua said, there is no end to the suffering of the people due to lack of electricity. Especially students are having more problems. In the dark the light of the lamp is studying. Applying for electricity connection is not going to be fruitful. ”
Meijing Marma, a 2nd year student of North Ranangia Degree College, said that she had to walk 5 kilometers to walk to the college and walk to the college. I can not go to college if rain rains. “On the way to school, some students stopped the journey at the place called Gargagoda Amtala. In the meantime, the 10th grade student of Sonargaon High School, Aungshanginga Marma, She says, every day we go to school for 60-70 students walk to Dharmagoda, 3 kilometers of the mountainous path Tired of a lot of time. I can not concentrate on the class. On the way to Asma, they took a rest for a while for the rest of the day at Amtala.Gias Uddin, headmaster of Sonargaon High School, said that students of Dharmagoda village came to this school after walking a long way on foot without having any high school in the area. The students of the village have arranged an additional class so that they do not deprive themselves of real education.
Karkan Mala Tanchanga, a working worker of Dharmagoda village, said there is no health center here. In order to give general medical treatment or to vaccinate the children, they have to go to Rangamati Ghagra or Maghicha in the hill region. The more sick person should be taken to the shoulder of the Ghagra canal and for treatment. “Islampur UP chairman Iqbal Hossain Chowdhury said that the village of Goddess Golgoda, which is situated in the area of ​​forest department, is very remote, but the people of the area regularly check the information. Our MP Hasan Mahmud has helped many of the residents of this village. He has taken up the project to develop road development, power connections and bridges in this village. In order to reduce the sufferings of the people in the area, various initiatives have been taken, he said.DGM of Rangunia rural power office Nurul Hossain said that initiative for electrification under the master plan of Islamugur Dharmagoda area was taken. But the forest department protested when the village of Goddogoda was built in the forested forest area, where electricity was provided. As a result, the power line can not be given. He will need the ministry’s instructions to give the electricity connection to the forest.Upazila Executive Officer Masudur Rahman said he assured that necessary steps will be taken to ensure full citizenship of the backward religionists.


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