Diamond Plane!


Chittagong bureau: Diamond made planes! Is it really made of diamond? Can people ride it? How to make such a big plane with the diamond possible? Apart from these numerous questions, a picture that looks like a diamond plane in different comments has become viral through social interaction. All inĀ  think it’s really Diamond Plane.The photo was recently published on Emirates Airline’s official Twitter. The company did not say it was the diamond plane. But without giving answers to all questions in the caption given to them, Tweet users have made it into differing questions or comments by spreading the diamond plane!.In the first tweet, people saw the picture and thought it was a plane made of diamond. Then, by writing diamond planes or throwing a question or throwing the comment or sharing it with the picture, they make the virus viral in the virtual world. And then it becomes the diamond plane!But seeing the picture, there is no reason why anyone thinks that the planes made of diamond Because the plane looks like this. Thousands of diamond pieces are planted in the entire body of the plane. And its flashing mind has driven the mind as a diamond plane. That’s why without thinking the caption has come to mind – the huge planes created by the Diamond! More comments-questions How is it possible? Meanwhile, Emirates Airlines posted the picture and wrote in the caption – Let’s show Amirat’s Bling-777. And the image was created by Sarah Shakeel.
Also, after the film was viral, Emirates Airlines made it clear to the local media that the plane was not ready for diamond. Only one such picture has been posted.
Local media say, Sarah Shakeel is a Crystal artist. She has an Instagram ID, which has a circulation of about five lakhs. She posted the plane’s first photo on 4 December. Besides, the film itself is art. After that the Emirates Airlines preferred it. Then they got the image from him and posted it.Emirates Airline spokesman said, “We only posted Sarah Shamil’s painted picture. There is no reason to be surprised about this real plane.




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