100 percent of books will arrive By December 12, One and a half million books have reached the educational institution


Chittagong bureau:Each year the book will be handed out to each student by the book fair every year. More than 96 percent of the books have already arrived in this book festival, in different educational institutions. The demand for total books of 20 thanas and upazila of Chittagong was 12.52 million 48 thousand 881. On the contrary, the book has reached 144 million 10 thousand 543 Which is 96.47 percent of the total demand. The rest of the books will arrive by December 12, said Chittagong District Education Office.Chittagong District Secondary Education Officer. Jasim Uddin said, “Every year, like every year, books will be handed to every student by the book festival. 96.47 percent of the books have already reached the educational institution. The rest of the books will be reached by December 12. The total demand of books in 20 police stations and upazilas of Chittagong was 52 million 48 thousand 881. On the contrary, the book comes in 1 million 47 lakh 10 thousand 543.According to the information of Chittagong District Education Office, the demand for total book books from 1st to fifth grade of Ibtadei was 17 lakh 82 thousand 321 books. The percentage of which has reached the madrasa. Dakhil total demand of books from sixth to ninth grade was 22 lakh 32 thousand 113 Where 100 books have already reached. The books of 120 students of Dakhil Vocational (Ninth) category were in demand of 1,640. Against which the book came in 1,302 or 79.39 percent.
Apart from this, the demand for books from the sixth to the eighth grade of secondary (Bangla version) was 82 lakh 64 thousand 975. Against all the books came the total demand for books in the ninth grade was 27 million 12 thousand 292. Against which the book came in 22 million 12 thousand 292 Which is 81.565 percent of the demand. In the same way, from the sixth to the ninth grade of secondary (English version), 100 percent of books have been published against 38 thousand 650 books.Against 76 thousand 850 books of SSC (vocational) class 9, there are 71 thousand 850 books. However, the demand for 33 thousand tech books has not yet reached a book, said Chittagong District Education Office.Dr. Shaheda Akhter, headmaster of Khastagir Government Girls High School, said, “All the books have come from the fifth class to the eighth grade. But books of ninth grade have not yet been given. But it will come in a few days. ‘


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