Momota ‘Kirtan’ to counter Modi’s ‘Rath Yatra’


Staff Reporter: BJP’s ‘Rathjatra’ started from Friday in West Bengal today. In order to counter this, the battle of kirtan has increased in the state with the opening and cribs of the ruling party. On Wednesday, the Trinamool distributed distribution among the workers and caves. The third and fourth teams in the state are also coming to the streets. That team is Congress and the Left Party. But neither the chariot nor the cord is open. Come on with the red flag and the triangular flag. They will make a procession of sympathy across the state. Walking along the street with a flag, meetings will be held. In the April or May next year, the Lower House of Parliament of India will be held for 543 seats in the Lok Sabha. This West Bengal has 42 seats in the Lok Sabha. West Bengal’s ruling Trinamool Congress now occupies 34 seats in this constituency. The National Congress has 4 seats, while the Left party and the BJP have two seats in the possession. Now Mamata claims that all the 42 Lok Sabha seats in the state will be snatched by the Trinamool. The BJP said that they are going to win this state in 22 seats. But the Left party and the Congress have not announced yet they are going to win in some seats. As a result, this political victory over this victory is now in the state. The BJP has decided to launch three campaign chariots called “Democracy Bachao” for the election storm of the state. The three chariots will go out from the three corners of the state. State Chief Minister Mamata Bandyopadhyay has insisted on Rath Said, ‘Not so much chariot; As the five star hotel. ‘What will not be here, the AC from the Internet is all arrangements. There will be a restroom of the leaders, the closet arrangement. The BJP will now have the chariot. This chariot will go out on December 7, 9 and 14. Tomorrow’s chariot will come out from Koch Bihar. The chariot will come out from the Sagardwip of South 24 Parganas on December 9 and the Tarapith from Birbhum will begin on 14 December. BJP will gather three big rallies around this rath yatra. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s presence in the rally The state and central leaders and central ministers will accompany them. The Chief Ministers of various states ruled by BJP will also be there. The first rally will be held on 16 December in Siliguri. The second rally will be held in Durgapur, Burdwan on December 24. The third rally will be held on 11 January at Krishnanagar in Nadia. These three gatherings are expected to be attended by Modi. And the fourth or final rally to be held on 29 January at the Brigade Parade Ground in Kolkata. BJP’s All India President Amit Shah will officially inaugurate this Rath Yatra. The BJP will conduct 200 roadships at different times in this rath yatra. 3 will make a big gathering. Three chariots have been built on modern buses in modern technology. The air-conditioned chariot will have internet access. There will be a place of rest. The chariot will end in 42 Lok Sabha constituencies of West Bengal in Kolkata. A motorcycle force of 200 workers of BJP will have with each chariot to save the chariot. They will be behind the chariot. Will guard the chariot. Earlier, on 19 January, Mamata also called on the anti-Modi mahasababesh The rally will also be held at the Brigade Parade Ground in Kolkata. There will be all the political parties against the BJP. The ruling party in West Bengal, declared by the ruling Trinamool Congress, will take a coconut on the cordon in front of a shelter program, like the Rath Yatra. This program will be out in Birbhum district before the Rath Yatra. On the way, the members of the Kirtan group will sing ‘Hare ram hare krishna’. Birbhum District President of Trinamool Congress, Anabrata Mondal announced earlier this year that it will give 4 thousand open and 8 thousand cribs to the devotees. These were made from Nabavip and Murshidabad. That’s why the cost was about 20 million rupees. The devotees will narrate this block through 19 blocks of the district. From Wednesday onwards, the open citation has started distributing among the fans, Anabrata Mondal.In a nutshell, the BJP’s rath yatra will be ‘Shramshan Jatra’. The ‘final journey’ of the team. Although the CPM’s Birbhum District President and former MP Ramchandra Dost asked the question, Where did this money get the conviction mandate? Again, local Congress MLA Milton Rashid said that the conspiracy to destroy BJP’s communal harmony Now the masks of communalism will collapse. And BJP’s state president Dilip Ghosh said: The end of the grassroots day That is why the casts are open for the cremation. “In addition to the Trinamool Congress, the Left party and the National Congress have taken a stand against this Rath Yatra. They said that they will be on the path against this charioteer. And this rath yatra does not sit with grassroots Congress and the left party The Trinamool Congress and the Left Party have announced that they will stop this chariot. Earlier, after declaration of BJP’s rath yatra, CPM State Secretary Suryakanta Mantha declared the counter, “The working and peace-loving people of this state will get trapped in the streets of BJP by stopping the BJP’s rath yatra.” If necessary, give up the walls of the people on the road so that the BJP’s road stops, the path can not find any way. ” West Bengal state president Lukat Chattopadhyay threatened to counter the remarks of BJP Women’s Morcha in protest against this remark, ‘If people try to stop the road trip, those who do it will be crushed to the chariot wheel’. Then, in a public meeting in Hughli, BJP’s state president Dilip Ghosh threatened again, saying, “Now the beating of the beating will be punished. And no one will be sent to the hospital ‘. West Bengal’s politics has become hot in exchange for these heated words. From November 26, 50 public assemblies of West Bengal have started the ‘Solidarity Joura’ across the state in protest of this Rath Yatra. this


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