Ambassador will prevent black money in the election: Chairman


Staff Reporter.: The Anti Corruption Commission (Ambassador) will monitor the candidates’ expenditure to prevent the use of black money in the elections. The Ambassador intelligence team has already taken special instructions to this end,Ambassador Chairman Iqbal Mahmud said. On Thursday, at the exchange meeting with media persons on the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day in Ambassador head office, he gave this information. At the time, Ambassador chairman said, no country wants anybody or you, we do not want anyone to use black money in the elections. For this, we gave a guideline to our Intelligence Unit. But now I do not want to publish it. In that case, I am telling a few examples of how many cow slaughtered, how the election campaign started, how many cows slaughtered, how many khasi slaughtered, made many red posters; Which is not legally binding. They will make a list by compiling our Intelligence Unit. Later, we will take the report according to the law. I will confirm this. He said black money was going on flat and plots. The Ambassador informed the matter. The Ambassador sent several recommendations to the government. The Ambassador expects the government to take action in this regard. If black money was invested, then the country could have played a role in employment. Asked about the Ambassador‘s decision on the affidavit in the election, Iqbal Mahmud said, everything will be said truthfully. Really People’s expectations in all the countries of the world have to be sacred to the leader’s character. Must have honesty and accountability under the leader of our country. That is why I said before the election, those who give information in the affidavit, it is right. Affidavit Public Documents. Our detective unit downloads every affidavit. But what to do will tell the future. We’re saving in book form. The statements of candidates submitted to government, private, semi-government, autonomous and constitutional bodies are also being collected. Seeing measures will be taken. In this context, he also said that it is hard to save the body when it gets corpulent or it is worthless. So, if political clarity, accountability, commitment, farsightedness and honesty, elimination of corruption from the country is difficult to overcome. Regarding loan defaulters, the chairman said, this is not our case, the bank is not the issue, the bank said. However, if anyone takes a loan by fraudulently fraudulently, then the matter is Ambassador‘s. That’s why every institution has to submit an audit report. There are many, there are also companies. Those who give different audit reports in the case of NBR and bank loans. We started taking action against these frauds. Ambassador Chairman also said that the explanation given by the World Bank to corruption is not corruption. Even TIB’s interpretation is not corruption. Your conscience does not respond, what works against conscience, is corruption. Earlier, the Ambassador chairman said in the written statement that the Commission filed 5,889 cases in the last 12 years (from 2007 to 018 October). At the same time, chargesheets have been filed in 5,520 cases (including the extinction of the Anti-Corruption Bureau). In the last 10 years (from 2009 to October of 018), the accused were convicted in the 1,332 cases in the judicial court (including cases of extortional corruption cases). The commission’s sentence was 68 percent in 2017. The rate of punishment is continuously increasing. The commission is monitoring every case centrally. The plaintiffs, witnesses and prosecutors of the case are being confirmed. In addition, a project has been taken in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank, to digitize the investigation / investigation and prosecution activities of the commission. Commission’s expectation is to be punished in 100 percent cases. In this case, we consider the capacity of the commission as a reason along with other accessory factors. We do not hesitate to disclose errors in our organization. He said people are constantly complaining about the Anti-Corruption Commission. Only last year, the Commission received about 18 thousand written complaints. There were 12 thousand 227 complaints till November this year. From July 27, 017 to 30 November 018, there were 19 lakh 44 thousand 220 phone calls to complain about the commission’s hotline 106. In this, we think the general public has a strong position against corruption. People hate the corrupt minds. Corruption is a crime which can not be kept hidden for too long. This crime is not liable. It will be released. Among others, Mahfuz Anam, Khairul Bashar Mukul, Emdadul Haq Milon, Khm Harun, Manjurul Ahsan Bulbul, Abdul Kawum, Mozammel Babu, Jay Mamun, Mustafiz Shafi, Shamimul Haque, Rahul Raha, Ashish Saikat and Manjurul Haq took part in the meeting. .


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