5th DecemberOn the 13th anniversary of Sripur Reporters Club celebrated

Amir Hossain:
A discussion meeting was held on December 16, the great Victory Day on December 16, and the 13th founding anniversary of the Sripur Reporters Club, on December 16, with the slogan of “Good purpose to serve objective news” in Gazipur Sreepur Municipality (5th of December). Sreepur Model Police Station OC Md. Jabedul Islam, Md. Delwar Hossain (Officer’s Incharge, Mauna Highway Police Station), Omar Faruq Jalal (Editor’s Daily Gonajagaran) spoke in the meeting. Chaired by Sirajul Islam (founder president, Sreepur Reporters Club) conducted by Alfaz Uddin Swapan(General secretary) and senior vice president Mobarak Hossain and vice president Sheikh Jasim Uddin and Motahar Hossain Khan.Journalist activists of CNN Bangla Television including the Daily Ganjagaran Pratikkara Editor and journalist activist were present on the occasion as special guests. Besides,Journalists of Sreepur and permanent people of the area.Daily Gonojagoron  Editor Omar Faruk Jalal said while addressing the Sreepur Reporters Club, a need to make a permanent club in government cooperation. In this regard, the people of the area want cooperation. Talking about the right information of the journalists, and ending his speech, he asked for a long life of Sreepur Reporters Club.
After the speech of all the others, the President of the Press Club Sirajul Islam (representative of Sreepur Daily Gonjagoron) announced the completion of the program to pray to all.


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