There is a flat ground of election, no!


30th December Parliamentary elections. Candidates will be final 10 December. Now a significant number of candidates are contesting the election. There is no news yet to be elected without any contest. Since 1991, elections have been under the caretaker government. The Tenth National Parliament was held under the party government. But there is a debate over that election. The election is not participatory. Most of the parties did not participate in the elections. This year’s election is unique because of many reasons. Interest in the selection – curiosity is more than usual.The eleventh parliamentary elections are being held under the party government. Some of the teams registered with the 39-party registered in the elections are also participating, with the marks of another group or as independent candidates. Selection is therefore participatory and challenging. But the question is whether the elections will be fair and peaceful. Although the election environment is exceptionally peaceful, the election can not be fair and incomprehensible. The last city corporation elections were peaceful but it was not fair. There have been many irregularities, there are allegations that the results have been affected.
It is difficult to comment in advance about what the next parliamentary election will be like. People also have fears for various reasons. Despite the prospect of peaceful elections, the power to create turmoil is in the field of election. Peace can be bogged down in the internal conflict of Awami League. In the meantime, several casualties have occurred. There is a tension tension. In this situation, the picture of the voting day can be very normal, and may also become abnormal.BNP is campaigning that there can be no fair election under the party government. The number of people who believe in the campaign of BNP is not very small. BNP does not believe in the current Election Commission. BNP thinks that the commission led by KM Nurul Huda is loyal to the government. Although there is at least one election commissioner whose dispute comes in the media. If the BNP campaign is believed to be true, then it is now possible to say that the elections will not be fair! Because, the election is under the party government.Whether the election will be good or bad depends more on the rival political parties and the general voters than the government or the election commission. If the party can keep the control of the candidate and its supporters, if there is no excitement in the propaganda of propaganda, the peaceful environment of peaceful elections remains. Even if ordinary voters are strong and honest in applying their franchise, there is a possibility of a peaceful election. It is to be seen whether the combination of all these things will be held in this election.The main Opposition BNP’s main opposition BNP on the field of election. From the very beginning the BNP demanded that the election under the non-partisan government. The BNP leaders gave many such speeches that there is no election under Sheikh Hasina’s government. After the party chief Khaleda Zia was felicitated in the corruption case, BNP demanded that Khaleda Zia be kept in jail and there is no election. The current election commission is not acceptable to the BNP Anyone thought that BNP could not go to the polls for ignoring these demands of the BNP.Awami League leaders have repeatedly said that BNP will come to the polls, they are forced to come to the polls. On the basis of a secret understanding with the BNP, did Awami League leaders say such things? No, it does not seem so. It was the account of general politics. The BNP did not participate in the last election. If you did not go to the next, BNP would fall into the threat of registration. Besides, BNP has been politically and organizationally damaged without taking part in the last election. It is a mistake that the BNP hopes that the government will be able to put pressure on the government without going to the polls. The government has been able to fulfill the five-year term despite a one-sided election. But not in the parliament, nor in the movement. Leadership crisis has been associated with it. Chairperson Khaleda Zia fishermen. He is not physically ‘fit’ perfectly. It is said from the party that his serious illness was told by BNP. The party’s number two leader or second chief Tarique Rahman is lodged in various cases and is living in London. While sitting in London, the party is not able to return to the country if the power change is not changed. As a result, who will give leadership to the BNP, whether the ownership of the BNP will disappear from Zia family, those questions are also coming forward.Despite repeated threats to demand the BNP, the BNP could not make any movement. BNP has proved that they are not a movement group. The government did not fulfill any demand of the BNP. Yet the BNP is taking part in the election with bare hands. Now the BNP says, there is no election-level playing field. The Election Commission failed to level the ground.BNP is out of power for a period of time. Awami League has been in power for two consecutive terms Administration arranged Awami League As a result, the field of election is naturally tilting towards the Awami League. This field will not be flat – is this unknown of BNP? Nothing is unknown to the BNP, nor is it unrecognized. The government or the election commission is doing it publicly. Rather, the BNP is sticking to what he is doing with his mates. What the BNP really wants, what is their main goal in the elections – it is vague for many. Does the BNP think that they will form the government by winning the next election? General staff-supporters-well-wishers may have the same hope, it is normal to stay. But the BNP’s policy makers are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. If they are hoping to form a government in this election, they are in the wrong position


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