Expectations were not fulfilled in the election investigation committee’s meeting: CEC


Staff Reporter: Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) KM Nurul Huda has alleged that the expectations of the Electoral Inquiry Committee (Election Committee) were not fulfilled on the upcoming election. The CEC said this at a meeting of the Electoral Inquiry Committee in the auditorium of Agargaon, in the capital on Wednesday. Joint District and Sessions Judge and 244 Assistant Judges took part in the briefing. To the judge, KM Nurul Huda said, you have to be visibul (visible). That means, you have not yet seen it. The reality is that When you are awake, by your work (man) will trust, when you recognize them, then you will be responsible for the above responsibilities. Then there will not be hundreds of complaints in our Election Commission in Dhaka. We get hundreds of complaints every day. But the charges are not coming to us. Because, you are there (at the field level). What do we do? We will send the charges to you. It was necessary that the charges would go directly to you. It does not go The new responsibility that has been entrusted to you since 2008. All of the government officials and employees of the Republic have been entrusted with the responsibility of electing the parliament. Not before you. Since the year 2008, the CEC said. The CEC also said, who will not listen to you, they will be seven years jail under the 193-panel panel. If they give false information and do not mean your order, they will be tried according to Article 228 of the Panel Court. That means you will be in the field with the full power of Code of Civil Procedure 1908. This is your real strength, which is not in your chamber, in the field. Confronted with problems, facing the candidates, the code of conduct that will be broken, face-to-face experiences, and other experiences on you. This is another type of environment or other responsibilities given to you. You need to look after it well. KM Nurul Huda said, adding that the judges have been connected to this task for easy access to the people, they should not be afraid to rush them out of their problems here. They should submit their complaint before getting in front of you. You must be pro-active, be a vibhabant and you need to know that you are there to help them. You are near them in 122 out of 300 seats. They have to solve the problem, you have to see it. Disillusioned with the election committee, the Chief Election Commissioner said, “We had hoped that on 25 November when the committee was formed, we had hoped that every committee had to investigate at least 122 complaints. It was our expectations. There was a hope for 100 investigations. I dropped 100, 22 had the prospect of investigation. It did not. That’s because, so far you have not been able to prepare for the preparation. From today, from here, what you have to do, responsibilities and how this committee will be conducted knowingly, go back and investigate. Hear people’s complaints, take time, and give them relief. So that they can sit in their place, from the area, from Dhaka to Dhaka, to solve the problems from you, from side to side, “the CEC said. Four Election Commissioners and senior officials, including EC Secretary, were present during the briefing.


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