Diplomats’ views with politicians-election observers


Staff Reporter:
Diplomats from several countries have interacted with the political, civil society representatives and election observers about the upcoming election environment. On Wednesday, Canada, IID and NDI held a meeting at a hotel in Gulshan, where diplomats from Australia, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Japan were present. This exchange of views from 8:30 am to 10:30 am. Prime Minister’s Advisor HT Imam, Gowher Rizvi, Awami League Dipu Moni, BNP’s Ameer Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury, Reaz Rahman, Shamser Mobin Chowdhury, and alternative parties took part in the discussion in the meeting of the diplomats. Besides, former election commissioner Sakhawat Hossain, election observer Braty Sharmin Murshid, Sujan Badiul Alam Majmudar and several election observer organizations and civil society representatives were also present. After the meeting, HT Imam told reporters that there was talk about eleven elections. We said, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina did everything for a fair election. There are issues with fair elections. We are trying to solve it. All political parties and the media will be assisted by the Election Commission. BNP standing committee member Ameer Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury said, “We have said that the main requirement here is that the election is acceptable.” In the present context, Bangladesh, we have been in the election despite not being the level playing field in Bangladesh. Now, after coming to the polls, we are seeing our Journey Long Hill Journey, we are going down further. We hope it does not crash. We hope that in the remaining days, the Election Commission will take the decision for neutral elections. So far no confidence has been made by the people. In fact, the election has been questioned before the elections for various reasons and if they want to come out of this questionnaire they should prove they want a neutral election. Otherwise, it is feared that the questionnaid could lead to more “bad” elections. Amir Khasru said, there is no elected government today, there is no elected parliament, elected representatives. The people of the country want to elect their representatives through voting, want to see an elected government and parliament. But the problem here is that the whole control is in the hands of the government, the Election Commission has no control over it. How to make a fair selection? Awami League Joint General Secretary Dipu Moni said that discussions on how to make the election better. Our statement is that the reform process was done in the entire process of the election process in the last 10 years and before 2007-08, each of which was the Awami League’s initiative. With those reforms today a system has been created, through which a free and fair election is possible. Those parties who have been in the election must have a role. Political parties should play the right role. Awami League is in the government, we are playing a responsible role and will do it. We want to select all that we want, to make good elections, the Prime Minister has made dialogue through it and we prove it through the whole process of elections. He said that the government’s purpose is that the Election Commission will independently choose and the government will provide all-out support to the responsibility of the constitutional responsibility and the government is doing it. Asked about the discussion with the diplomats, Dipu said that there is no discussion about the discussion here. But we want a free fair neutral election. Everybody hopes to do it, and the methods that we now have over the past, as the Digitization says, the media’s widespread said that it is going to lead us into a free and fair environment for free elections. Braty chief executive Sharmin Murshid said such talks are very necessary. Since all the participants of the election were present, from that place, everyone raised their problems from their place. Those representatives of the government, they also presented their feelings in a fair way. We hope that such discussions will create relationships between all, reduce tension and unrest Asked what he said about the environment as an election observer, he said, we want to look at the next day. We believe that political parties are a little tolerant. Election Commission’s neutrality is important. To strengthen the role, the government team will keep distance from the commission. Our statement was that the political parties would protect the distance from him to establish the Independence Commission. Former Election Commissioner Sakhawat Hossain said that if the next election is not acceptable, if the election is not acceptable, then if there is no visible free-fair election in the country and abroad, now it is seen that the act of law enforcement is in force. These de and observing It may be that all those achievements in Bangladesh have a very good achievement, they can fade those achievements. That is their ideas. Which has come up in the discussion. That’s what I got to understand.


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