BNP Jamaat’s brochure Part 4-63 district bombings simultaneously


Staff reporter: The BNP-Jamaat alliance made the country a safe place for the militants in 2001 after coming to power through the election of rigging. Bombs were carried out simultaneously in 63 districts of the country, directly by Khaledi Khaleda-Tarek Gong.The series sponsored by the Khaleda-Nizami government in Bogra on August 17, 2004 has become more apparent today. In the name of the destruction of proletariat from the media, at that time it is said that the rise of horrific militancy in the country. It is also said that the top leader of militancy JMB is a Bengali brother. At that time, it was alleged by the then government that Bengali Bhai Media was created. Finally, in the face of domestic and international pressure on 23 February 2005, BNP-Jamaat alliance government banned JMB.Being organized by the BNP-Jamaat, JMB became desperate to give their existence to the whole country. In continuation of this series series bombings in the 63 districts of the country excluding Munshiganj district at 11am. 500 bombs exploded simultaneously in the space of half an hour in 300 locations of the country. Two dead and two hundred people were injured in this. The High Court, the Supreme Court, the District Court, the airport, the United States embassy, ​​the Deputy Commissioner, the Office of the District Superintendent of Police, the Press Club and the government-semi-important important establishments are being attacked. JMB leaflets are found in the attack places. The leaflets were written about the establishment of Allah’s Law in Bangladesh in leaflets. It was written that we sent a special message to the country’s working judges. Immediately the Islamic order will be established in the country. Otherwise the JMB will be forced to choose the difficult path. With regard to the establishment of Islamic order, many powerful countries and top political parties agreed with them. Therefore, those who are the judges, will be judged in the Islamic law except the tangat (man-made) law. Other dangerous dangers are waiting for you. After the series (series bomb attacks) we will wait for a certain time. Then the attack will start again.
There are 161 cases filed with different police stations throughout the series. A case has also been filed against BNP leader and former minister for telecommunications and telecommunications minister Barrister Aminul Haque, former deputy minister Ruhul Kuddus Talukder Dulu, former housing and public works minister Alamgir Kabir, former mayor of Rajshahi City Corporation Mizanur Rahman Minu, former MP Nadim Mustafa and Shish Mohammad . Barrister Aminul Haque was sentenced to 31 years for being involved in militancy during the former caretaker government.
After the attack on August 17, a series of attacks started again. In its continuation, on 3 October 2005, Chandpur, Laxmipur and Chittagong district courts conducted a bomb attack at the time of the JMB. The police entered the hall and threw the bomb to the judge. On October 19 of that year, the militants launched a bomb attack to kill Sylhet’s fast track court judge Biplab Goswami. On 15 November of that year, JMB leader Jahangir Sohail Ahmed Chowdhury and Jagannath Parique were killed in the Jhalokati City’s officer’s Para, a powerful bomb attack in front of the judge’s carrying microbus. On November 30 of the same year, the JMB members committed suicide bombs in front of Gazipur and Chittagong courts for an hour. It killed nine people, including two militant members and injured more than 100 people. On December 2 of that year, the JMB had shot dead seven people by bombing the tea flask in Gazipur District Court and injured at least 50 people.Although the accused of the series bomb blasts have been released, their followers and patrons still remain active ‘neo JMB’. One of the examples of Holi Artisan’s assassination in 2016. During the tenure of Sheikh Hasina government, they did not stop the arrest of extremists, but rather secretly organized new programs and motivation programs. The military caretaker government, which executed the war criminals on March 29, 2007, all of them are involved with Jamaat and Shibir. Shaykh Abdur Rahman and Siddiqul Islam Bengali brothers were involved in politics of Jamaat-Shibir in the past.On June 15, 2007, it was revealed from the daily newspaper that some of the arrested JMB members have accepted the affiliation with Jamaat in the past. Besides, al-Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Taiba, and the International Islamic Front, along with Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI, have long been in the relationship with Jamaat-Shibir. Organizations involved in terrorist activities around the world believe that many militant outfits, including Jamaat-Shibir, are on their side.The ultimate consequence of communal and backward-backward views is militancy. Non-political agendas like the 17th of August to be removed forever. The top leaders of the country’s militancy and the religious extremism patriarchs escaped in Pakistan or the Middle East. If all of them are brought back to justice immediately after the trial and execution of the war, the future generation will be able to stay away from the corrupt practices of militancy.


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