BNP is illegal and Awami League is valid only: Rizvi


Staff Reporter: BNP’s Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said that as soon as the parliamentary elections are over, the Awami faction of the Election Commission has broken open as it is uncovered. A dress rehearsal was canceled by nomination of nomination papers for nomination papers. The nomination papers of BNP candidates, Awami League rebel candidates and independent candidates have been scrutinized only and have been canceled publicly. The nomination papers of Awami League candidates have not been scrutinized. The matter was that if the BNP is illegal and the Awami League candidate is only valid. The BNP leader said this at a press conference at the party’s central office in the capital on Wednesday. Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said, the hostility of all the evils of the HT Imam government. Son Tanvir is running Imam with Ullapara. Nurul Huda Commission is working like Awami League. Field-level play is not field. Reza Kibria’s nomination papers were canceled for five thousand rupees but the nomination papers of Mahi B Chowdhury have been declared valid even though there is a one crore loan. Whether the EC Secretary claims security but does not think about the security of the people, the question. BNP’s Senior Joint Secretary General expressed hope that the public administration and the police are still in the moral sense. He said the whole situation will change. Without the privilege of some officials, the public administration and the police will not stand in the way of people’s rights. The BNP voted to vote for the Jamalishahi government, said BNP leader. He said that voting is the power of the people. Members of all public administration and law and order will not stand against the people. In the adverse circumstances, the voters will go out to the brave voters in the jails-upheaval, arrest, threat and the death of the murders.


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