Trying to defend self defense by coil burning and medicines Mosquito’s city dwellers


Chittagong bureau:
The suggestions of the people to be aware of the people
The city dwellers of the mosquito’s poison Chittagong is going to become the mosque state. Along with the night, the city residents are trying to protect themselves by spreading the coils and mosquito drugs. Yet these mosquitoes are swallowing the blood of the inhabitants of the city to the mosquitoes, the helpless city dwellers. Although the City Corporation has a budget of 2 crore to kill the mosquito, mosquito erosion is not being done with this money, but the pain of mosquitoes is increasing day by day.
Meanwhile, mosquito-borne diseases have increased in the city. Although City Corporation works to kill mosquitoes, many urban dwellers complain that it is nominal. City Corporation has no visible activities in this regard. However, City Corporation said that they are spreading various medicines in every ward every week to kill mosquitoes. But mosquitoes did not take any special measures to remedy the increase so far.
Various areas of the city can be seen, due to lack of rain in the winter season, the streams of the city’s waterways are stagnant. Because of this, mosquito breeding rates have also increased compared to other times. On the other hand, most of the trawl-drains and road neighborhoods and dusty spots have been found in various places including dirt rubbish. The residents of the city have said that mosquito production has increased since these places. They say that the City Corporation is not a genuine initiative to kill mosquitoes, which is why mosquitoes have to live their life in the daytime and live our lives. During the day, the mosquitoes are not spared. The mosquitoes are running everywhere including lodging, office courts, educational institutions, workplaces.
Meanwhile, many people have alleged that there are 3/4 employees employed in every ward for spraying mosquito drugs but they are not properly reported. Janan, a resident of Faisal in Agrabad Shantibagh area of ​​the city, has increased mosquitoes earlier than ever. Residents of the area have become aggrieved by the pain of mosquitoes. But these mosquitoes are not taking effective steps to kill mosquitoes.
A student of the PDB colony, Tahsin, said that mosquitoes had a home during the day. Before the afternoon, the doors and windows of the house were closed. Mosquito coils and medicines cannot be saved at night. Along with the night, the mosquito is also used to sleep during the day. Still, mosquitoes cannot be saved.
Nasrin Akhtar, a resident of Chawkbazar area, said that the mosque should be closed after the evening and the doors and windows of the house were closed still difficult to get rid of mosquito bites. Annual examinations are going on in the school, boys have to wear mosquito to study.
Asked about a special program for killing mosquitoes, Chief Officer of City corporation Shafiqul Mannan Siddiqui told  that the mosquito-borne disease parricides and adult mosquito-destroying drug courtside were being sprayed in every ward from July last year. We have 120 employees in 41 wards to disperse these medicines. They are spreading medicine every week. No special activity was taken for this but it will be taken in front. Pointing out that these mosquitoes are not completely eradicated, he said, “We also control mosquito production.” It is not possible for us to destroy People must be aware of these mosquito killings. Then the mosquito will not be produced. If every person keeps the veneer of their home clean, the mosquito outbreak will be reduced. Apart from cleaning regular septic tanks, as well as spraying of black oil or kerosene in the tank every week, if the gutter is cleaned then mosquitoes will come under control and the breeding will be reduced.


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