Three seats of the grand alliance in Chittagong Local A Struggling with the Awami league


Chittagong reporter:
The picture of the three seats of the grand alliance in Chittagong is different nowSuspicious general voters and supporters of activists about how much Awami League activists will work for alliance candidates in the three seats released in Chittagong. Awami League heavyweight candidate in these three seats Although the party is not outside the decision for greater interest in the last parliamentary elections, the situation is slightly different.Chittagong, 2 (Fatikchari), Chittagong-5 (Hathahajari) and Chittagong-8 (Boalkhali-Chandgaon) are the seats left in 16 seats in Chittagong. Among the three seats, Chittagong-8 (Boalkhali-Chandgaon) constituency, South District Awami League president Moulemam Uddin Ahmed, Expatriates’ Welfare Minister Nurul Islam BSC and CDA chairman Abdouk Salam were potential candidates. The Awami League’s heavyweight candidates were preparing for this constituency. Awami League’s candidate for the Chittagong-5 constituency was elected as the candidate of the North District Awami League General Secretary MA Salam and City Awami League vice-president Advocate Ibrahim Hossain Chowdhury Babul. They rallied for the nomination of several Awami League nominees including election preparations. In the Fatikchhari constituency, former Upazila Chairman ATM Payarul Islam is still making an effort to get the Awami League’s nomination. There are several candidates in the three seats mentioned above who are 60 to 70 years of age. If you have a nomination in the next five years, you can not be physically fit to choose them. There is such a danger among the candidates. Therefore, the eleven parliamentary elections were prepared for these candidates in the last election of the election. But ultimately the nomination of the alliance candidate has been nominated for Awami League. On the other hand, the conflicts of Upazila Awami League came to the public with the MPs of Fatikchhari constituency. Najibul Bashar was elected as the MP from the constituency, leaving this constituency in the last election. This time he has been nominated for the Grand Alliance. Fatikchhari Upazila Awami League has informed the Awami League President and General Secretary, in this letter that the grand alliance partner of the Grand Alliance will not work for the chairman of the Tariqat Federation, Najibul Bashar, on the basis of Maizbah. Two letters sent in two consecutive days have said that it is not possible for the Awami League to make thousands, but it is not possible to win the grand alliance candidate. So they want party candidates. ATM Payarul Islam submitted the nomination papers according to the decision of Awami League.
In the second two constituencies, the MP has been elected as the candidate of the Grand Alliance. In the past decade, there were no good relations with local Awami League MPs. After a decade, Moin Uddin Khan Badal, who had gone to the residence of District President of Awami League Moslem Uddin. It shows how much of their relationship is acid-sweet. In the Hathazari constituency, district AL general secretary MA Salam is concerned with the relationship of current MP Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud. Awami League leaders and workers complained, MPs did not involve them in development work. Even in the area of ​​development projects should be taken in any area, no advice has been taken in this regard. There is a doubt among the party’s leaders and activists including the general voter whether it is possible to abolish the long accumulated anger within a few days. Apart from the disappointment of the nomination, there is no doubt whether these potential candidates and their activists will work hard for the grand alliance candidate.


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