Risky shops and settlements near the railway line in Madarbari Ward No. 29


Chittagong bureau:
In the area of ​​Madarbari Shubpur bus station, there is a growing number of illegal shops and residences in the railway line Renting these shops by occupying the space of a local railway line. There is allegation that illegal occupancy is increasing in association with railway authorities.
It has been found that, hundreds of jumbo shops are being developed in the area of ​​Madarbari Shubpur Bus Station in the railway line. The number of shops is increasing day by day. These stores are being sold from raw products, tea, bricks, sand and sanitation products. Each store has a rent of two to three thousand taka per month. These stores also have illegal power connections.
Illegal settlements have also been formed around the railway line. Illegal installations are also increasing.West Bengal’s Madarbari ward councilor Golam Mohammad Jobair said that the lodge was destroyed in the fire six months ago. They have been given the opportunity to live for humanitarian reasons. He said that for a long time the slum dwellers were living in the place of the railway, creating hotspots. Slum homes were built with triple, polythene, cloth and banner. After the burn, the tin has the opportunity to live by the conditions of construction of the fence. There is also a condition to be careful about extortion rather than extortion in place of occupation and possession of the place. How to make the place of the railway place to live? Responding to such a question, he said that he has lived in the place of the railway for a long time. There is nothing to do if the rail authorities do not evict. However, there is strict surveillance in the slum area where the drug trade is not done.
Railway rules mention that Section 144 was imposed in 10 feet area on both side of the line during the train movement. Human beings are legally banned in the border with the railway line.Locals said that the railway authorities sometimes carried out an operation and evicted these illegal occupants. But the rail authorities were again occupied due to the lack of surveillance. Risky illegal installations occur in the adjoining railway line and railway lines.
Locals said, a local civic official of the Awami League and BNP has been collecting millions of rupees by building illegal shops in front of the railway line year after year. Though the two parties share a banner, they are sometimes divided into conflicts and conflicts between the two parties.
Many chakras surrounded the Madarbari area are active in extortion. Group-based party cover-up, extortion from trucks, extortion from illegal raw market, extortion from the bus station.


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