The submission of nomination papers of Islami Front in Fatikchari Syed Saifuddin Ahmad Maiz


Chittagong bureau:The newly elected Bangladesh Supreme Party (BSP) Chairman AwladeMaizwah-Syed Saifuddin Ahmad Maayjwa-Rari submitted the nomination papers from the Fatichari seat to the Islamic Front. He took the nomination papers of Chittagong Deputy Commissioner Muhammad IliasHossain with his team and the leaders of the Islamic Front.Submit Syed Saifuddin Ahmad Maayjwa-Rari is the sazadasin of GaushiaMoiniaManzil in the court of Syed Moinuddin Ahmad Maizbahir and MaijvaraDarbar, the grandfather of the spiritual man of this sub-continent Syed GolamurRahmanMaijwah-Rari. He suddenly came to politics. In the mentality of coming to politics, two months ago, Syed GolamurRahmanMaizbahira formed a team called the Bangladesh Supreme Party (BSP). Apart from the registration of the party, he has collected nomination papers from the Chittagong-2 (Fatechchhari) and Dhaka-14 (Mirpur) constituency from its permanent residence in Bangladesh Islamic Front comprising the Islamic Democratic Alliance. It is known that today (28 November) will submit the nomination papers for Dhaka constituency.In response, Syed Saifuddin Ahmad Maizbha-Rari said that in order to strengthen Islam and Sunni fundamentalism, the people of the country, in the light of the Madina Charter, expressed their solidarity with Islamic politics to provide more services to the people. We have been used in different ways. And no, we have come to politics to keep the Islamic flag upbeat more against injustice, against tyranny, militancy, atheists. I will choose, there is no question of withdrawing nomination.


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